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Alumni Society

Information about the Alumni Society in the Penn State College of Education.

Some 11,600 of our College’s 57,000-plus alumni are members of the College of Education Alumni Society. This organization sets out to stimulate the continued interest of all former students and to provide a means for alumni to come together to help improve the College and the University.

The College of Education Alumni Society oversees a number of important projects that help serve the needs of alumni, students, the College, and the University as well as promote the esteem of the institution. It offers programs directed toward students, alumni, and teachers in general.

The Society’s board of directors organizes projects such as the Alumni-Student Teacher Network and sponsors an awards program that recognizes outstanding alumni in various categories every year.

Any College of Education alum automatically becomes a member of the College of Education Alumni Society when they join the Penn State Alumni Association.

For more information about the College of Education Alumni Society please contact the alumni relations office at 814-863-2216 or Stefanie Tomlinson, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations, at