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Board Committees

Board of Directors
2006-2007 Committees & Responsibilities

Executive Committee
A standing committee that consists of Board and College of Education administrative officers. This committee sets each board meeting’s agenda, consults with the Dean about potential projects or directions for the board, and is responsible for providing candidates for Executive Committee positions.

Cameron Bausch, President
Heidi Capetola, President Elect
Ronald Musoleno, Immediate Past President
Joan Dieter, Secretary
David Monk, Dean
Craig Eozzo, Executive Secretary

Constitution & Policy

Reviews the constitution to ensure that it works within the Penn State Alumni Association’s By-Laws and policies governing College constituent societies. Recommends constitutional and policy revisions to the Board of Directors as necessary.

Chair (to be named)
Alain Hunter, Co-Chair
Cam Bausch
Marilyn Maiello

Ways & Means & Strategic Planning Committee

Responsible for presenting the Society’s budget to the board. Reviews and updates the Strategic Plan as necessary. Discusses the value of proposed actions and programs, and makes recommendations on such programs to the board.

Patricia Best, Chair
Ed Stoloski, Co-Chair
Alain Hunter
Stacie Spanos
Charlotte Voight

Alumni/Student Teacher Network Committee

Oversees the Network project; provides ideas for future directions, administrative support, volunteer management, and budget matters.

Charlotte Voight, Chair
Marilyn Maiello, Co-Chair
Heidi Capetola
Joan Dieter
Barbara Michael
Joan Ruth
Stacie Spanos
Ed Stoloski
Amy Woomer

National Service Week/Service Committee

Publicize, collect and distribute children's books for National Service Week sponsored by the Penn State Alumni Association.

Joan Ruth, Chair
Amy Woomer, Co-Chair, Cycle-Thon
Heidi Capetola, SPSEA, Thon
Carol Giersch, Book Drive
Barbara Michael, Book Drive
Ed Stoloskiclass
Larry Wess

Awards Committees

Choose alumni honorees each year. Coordinates logistics of awards nomination and awarding process with the Executive Secretary.

Excellence in Education
Alain Hunter, Chair
Patricia Best
Joan Dieter

Outstanding Teaching
Joan Ruth, Chair
Carol Giersch
Bob Mountz (former board member)

Leadership and Service
Ron Musoleno, Chair
Barbara Michael, Co-Chair
Larry Wess
Dan West

Outstanding New Graduate
Chair (to be named0
Marilyn Maiello
Stacie Spanos

Outstanding Student Teaching
Charlotte Voight, Chair
Cam Bausch
Heidi Capetola
Ed Stoloski
Amy Woomer