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    2008 HEPAC Symposium Overview

    An Alumni Reunion Symposium
    June 27-29, 2008
    “Penn State’s Higher Education Program: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”

    Sponsored by the College of Education, the Higher Education Program Alumni Council, and the Penn State University Alumni Association

    Symposium - n. (1) a convivial meeting characterized by feasting or jovial companionship, conversation, and intellectual development; (2) a meeting or conference for discussion of some subject; hence, a collection of opinions delivered by a number of persons on some special topic.

    Reunion - n. a meeting or social gathering of persons acquainted with each other, or having some previous link of connexion.

    HEPAC Reunion Symposium - n. (1) a gathering of graduates, faculty, students, friends, and family, to feast, share, learn, and reminisce; (2) a rare opportunity for Penn Staters to comtemplate and tackle the crucial issues of higher education; (3) a time to enjoy the grounds of Old State and beautiful Centre County; (4) the most beneficial use of your time this summer!