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    Past Board of Directors Members

    List of past Board of Directors members of HEPAC

    We greatly appreciate the generous service of our past board members:


    Lorenzo Baber Ph.D. '07 Associate Professor, Iowa State University

    Angelique M. Bacon-Woodard ’01 D.Ed., ’96 M.Ed. EDADM Scholar in Residence of Learning Communities - Penn State Learning (Undergraduate Education), Penn State University

    Ann Kiefer Bragg ’80 D.Ed., ’74 M.Ed. Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Illinois Board of Higher Education (Retired)

    James Broomall '84 D.Ed. Assistant Provost, Professional and Continuing Studies, University of Delaware

    M. Christopher Brown II ’97 Ph.D. Provost and VP of Academic Affairs, Southern University

    Christian K. Anderson Ph.D. '07 Assistant Professor of Higher Education, University of South Carolina

    Michael J. Dooris ’92 Ph.D. HI ED, ’75 BUS Director of Planning, Research & Assessment, Center for Quality and Planning, Penn State University, University Park, PA

    Richard H. Dorman ’90 Ph.D. HI ED, ’80 M.Ed. CN ED President, Westminster College, Wilmington, PA

    Miguel Escala, '85 M.Ed., '88 Ph.D. Executive Director, IGLU the Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Management of the Inter American Organization for Higher Education

    Dorothy Finnegan, '92 Ph.D. Professor Emerita, School of Education, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA

    David S. Guthrie ’90 Ph.D. Academic Dean, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA

    Betty J. Harper ’08 Ph.D. Director of Senior Planning and Research Associate, Research and Assessment, Penn State University

    Cynthia Hall ’99 Ph.D. HI ED, ’77 COM Associate Vice President for University Relations, Penn State University

    John P. Ikenberry ’99 Ph.D. HI ED, ’93 M.Ed. HI ED President,

    Amber Lambert ’08 Ph.D. Assistant Research Scientist, Indiana University-Bloomington

    Jason E. Lane '03 Ph.D. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Senior Associate Vice Chancellor, State University of New York, University at Albany,

    Stanley Latta ’92 D.Ed.,’81 M.Ed. HHD, ’77 M.Ed. CN ED, ’75 HHD Assistant Vice President, Housing & Food Services, Penn State University

    David Leslie ’71 D.Ed. Professor Emeritus, College of William & Mary

    Marcus Lingenfelter ’03 M.Ed. Vice President of State Relations, National Math & Science Initiative

    Fred Loomis, ’94 Ph.D. Associate Professor of Higher Education, College of Education, Penn State University

    John W. Moore, ’70 D.Ed. President, Penson Associates, Inc.

    Lawrence Nespoli '80 D.Ed. President, New Jersey Council of County Colleges

    Michael A. Nugent,’95 Ph.D. Defense Language and National Security Education Office, Department of Defense

    Kristine Otto, '01 Ph.D. '92 COMM Associate Director of Gift Planning, Bentley University

    Betsy Palmer* ’99 D.Ed.

    Sara Parks ’97 Ph.D. Consultant, Finn-Parks & Associates

    Karen Paulson ’96 Ph.D. Coordinator of Online Programs, Higher Education Program, Penn State University

    Susan Richardson '05 Ph.D. Principal, Education by the Numbers, LLC

    Carlo Salerno, ’02 Ph.D. Higher Education Economist/Analyst

    Alan J. Sturtz ’76 D.Ed., ’71 M.A. LIB Director of Institutional Research & Planning, Goodwin College

    David Tandberg ’07 Ph.D. HI ED, ’06 M.A. LIB Associate Professor of Higher Education, Florida State University (student participant and past Board member)

    Barbara E. Taylor, ‘82 Ph.D. HI ED Senior Consultant, The Learning Alliance for Higher Education

    Roger L. Williams ’88 D.Ed., ’75 M.A. COM, ’73 LIB Retired Executive Director, Penn State Alumni Association, Associate Professor of Higher Education, Penn State University

    Ying Zhou Ph.D. '03 Associate Provost for Institutional Planning, Assessment and Research, East Carolina University