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2018 images

2018 Alumni Society Award recipients
2018 College of Education Alumni Society Award recipientsWith Dean Monk (front row left) are, front, from left: Nicole Luchansky, Tracey Tardif; second row, from left: Elizabeth Burkhart, Mikayla Masley, Melissa Frank-Alston; back row, from left: Thomas J. Gentzel, Samuel B. Slike.
2018 Alumni Society Board
2018 Alumni Society Board Front row, from left: David Monk, Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr, Hannah Chisler, Stefanie Tomlinson, Tracy Hinish. Row 2, from left: Lawrence Wess, Sherry Yontosh, Pamela Peter, Pamela Francis Row 3, from left: John Rozzo, Joe Clapper, Douglas Womelsdorf, Larry Carretta, Cathy Tomon. Back row, from left: Leo D'Agostino, Jeannene Willow, Jonathan Klingeman, John Czerniakowski, Henry Laboranti
Elizabeth Burkhart
Elizabeth Burkhart with Dean David H. Monk
Melissa Frank-Alston
Melissa Frank-Alston with Dean David H. Monk
Thomas Gentzel
Thomas Gentzel with Dean David H. Monk
Nicole Luchansky
Nicole Luchansky with Dean David H. Monk
Mikayla Masley
Mikayla Masley with Dean David H. Monk
Pam Peter
Pam Peter
John Rozzo
John Rozzo
Sam Slike
Sam Slike with Dean David H. Monk
Tracey Tardif
Tracey Tardif with Dean David H. Monk
Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr
Tonnie DeVecchis-Kerr
Joe Clapper
Joe Clapper