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Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Information about teacher education after earning a bachelor's degree.

For information about undergraduate teacher education, please follow the "Undergraduate" link in the navigation bar at the left.

Individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree and now wish to acquire initial teacher licensure may do so as non-degree "certification-only" students, in some areas. Although the coursework is at the undergraduate level, Postbaccalaureate Certification is technically a graduate program. Typically, certification takes 2 years (4 consecutive semesters) to complete; if a student has a bachelor's degree in a field other than the subject area where they are pursuing certification, they may need to make up deficits in their content area background through additional coursework.

Teacher certification may be pursued as part of a master's degree in English Language Arts and Science Education.

We offer the following non-degree graduate level ("post-bac") certification choices:

PLEASE NOTE: If you hold a degree or certification in another area and are interested in pursuing post-baccalaureate teacher certification in:

  • Elementary and Early Childhood Education (PK-4);
  • English, Social Studies, or Mathematics at the Middle Level (grades 4-8): or
  • Secondary Mathematics (grades 7-12)

please contact the College of Education Advising Office to speak with someone about the requirements.