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Graduate Degrees

Curriculum & Instruction offers three graduate degrees and a certificate program. There are options that serve audiences with different career goals and academic aspirations.

Graduate study for all degrees at University Park is pursued through these emphasis areas:
Curriculum and Supervision
Early Childhood Education
Language, Culture and Society
English Language Arts Education
Second Language Education
Social Studies Education
Mathematics Education
Science Education

Through the World Campus, the M.Ed. is offered in these emphases:
• Children's Literature
• Curriculum and Instruction Customized Path
• Curriculum and Supervision
• STEM Education
• Elementary Education
• Specialized Path: English Language Arts, World Languages/ESL, or Social Studies

The Master's of Education in Curriculum & Instruction provides preparation for increased professional competence in education. The capstone experience is a research paper or project. Students must complete all requirements for a master's degree within 8 years of being admitted to the program.

The Master's of Science in Curriculum & Instruction is a research-oriented degree, requiring completion of a formal thesis. Students must complete all requirements for a master's degree within 8 years of being admitted to the program.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction is intended for candidates who have a master's degree and desire to strengthen their abilities to do scholarly work and research in one or more of the emphasis areas. Candidates and their doctoral committee design a series of courses, readings, and experiences that will enhance the candidate's understandings of the traditions, research, and practices in their field and provide preparation to conduct original research. Students must complete a candidacy examination, an oral and written comprehensive examination, residency requirements, and a dissertation within 8 years of being admitted to the program.

Minor in Curriculum and Instruction

Doctoral students from other departments who wish to complete a minor in Curriculum and Instruction are required to complete a minimum of 15 approved graduate credits in courses offered in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction (C I, C&S, E C E, LL ED, MTHED, SCIED, SS ED, WL ED). A minor in Curriculum and Instruction is approved by the student’s major adviser and the Graduate Programs Director from the student’s major department as well as by the student’s minor adviser in Curriculum and Instruction and the Curriculum and Instruction Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.