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Doctoral Committee Membership

Within one calendar year of completion of the Qualifying Examination, a student must have an approved Ph.D. Committee. Although C I nominates members of the Ph.D. Committee, the composition of a Ph.D. Committee must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School. The C I Graduate Program Office will provide the “Doctoral Committee Appointment Signature Form” when needed. 

A Ph.D. Committee is composed of at least four members of the Graduate Faculty, at least two of whom must be appointed in C I. One of the C I members, most likely the student’s adviser, should be from the student’s emphasis area. The Committee must have a Chair (from the C I Graduate Faculty), an Outside Field Member, and an Outside Unit Member. The student’s adviser must serve on the Committee, and the Chair and adviser may be the same person. 

The Outside Field Member represents a field outside the student’s field of study in order to provide a broader disciplinary perspective. The primary appointment of at least one member of the Committee must be in an administrative unit different from the Committee’s Chair and the student’s adviser. The Outside Unit Member may also serve as the Outside Field Member. 

Students who are pursuing a graduate minor should have a Minor Field Program Member on the Committee. For students pursuing dual-title degrees, the Committee Chair or Co-Chair must be a member of the Graduate Faculty in the dual-title program. 

Doctoral students should play an active role in the selection of Ph.D. Committee members by consulting with their adviser, reading research publications by a variety of faculty members, and enrolling in classes taught by faculty members from the Department, College, and University. All committee members demonstrate their consent to serve by signing the Committee Appointment/Signature Form. This signed form can be obtained from and should be submitted to the C I Graduate Program Office, which then forwards the form to the Graduate School for final appointment of the committee. 

Students can make changes as needed in the structure or membership of the Ph.D. Committee, with consent of their adviser, by filing a new Committee Appointment/Signature Form. To make changes in the committee or to change adviser, the student should contact the C I Graduate Program office. 

Membership of Ph.D. Committees should be reviewed at least annually. Committee Chairs and doctoral students are encouraged to read in full Policy GCAC-602 Ph.D. Committee Formation, Composition, and Review.

Ph.D. Manual
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