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Emphasis Areas, Dual-Title Degrees, and Minors

Emphasis Areas

The Ph.D. program in C I includes eight emphasis areas: 

Dual-Title Degree Programs

Two dual-title degree programs are available to C I doctoral students:

(See Policy GCAC-208 for more information about dual-title programs.)


Doctoral students may pursue one or more minors in areas outside C I. A minor must include at least 15 credits, with at least 6 credits at the 500-level. A minor requires approval from C I as well as from the minor program and the Graduate School. At least one faculty member from the minor field must serve on the student’s Ph.D. committee. (See Policy GCAC-611 for more information about minors.)

Ph.D. Manual
Expectations, Credit Load, and Residency ○ Emphasis Areas, Dual-Title Degrees, and Minors ○ Roles of an Adviser ○ The Qualifying Examination ○ English Competence ○ Doctoral Committee Membership ○ Responsibilities of the Doctoral Committee ○ Plan of Study ○ Comprehensive Examination ○ Dissertation and Final Oral Examination ○ Procedures Concerning Graduation