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Responsibilities of the Doctoral Committee

Doctoral committee members are responsible for general guidance through the entire program and for the following specific academic elements: 

  • To review, advise, and consent to the student’s Plan of Study; 
  • To conduct and judge the written and oral Comprehensive Examination;
  • To review and accept the dissertation prospectus;
  • To hear and judge the Final Oral Examination (defense of the dissertation); and
  • To indicate approval of the dissertation by signing the Dissertation Signatory Page. 

On an annual basis, the Ph.D. Committee should evaluate the student’s progress toward the degree. As specified in Policy GCAC-603, the Ph.D. Committee is responsible for approving a written assessment of the student’s progress on an annual basis. This assessment should: 

  • address the quality of the student’s research and progress toward the degree, and may include recommendations to improve the student’s research as well as any concerns identified (with suggested actions to address the concerns); 
  • assess the student’s professional development and provide recommendations appropriate to the student’s career goals; and
  • reflect the assessment of all members of the committee, including any minority opinions.  

The Ph.D. Committee will assess the student within one semester after its approved formation (excluding summer term). It is recommended that the entire Ph.D. Committee meets with the student for the annual assessment. If there is not a meeting, or if not all members are present for the meeting, it is recommended that the student meet annually with each member.  

The Ph.D. Committee will review and approve an annual assessment report that should: 

  • include the opinions of all members and need not be unanimous; 
  • address the elements listed above (quality of the student’s research and progress toward degree, recommendations for further study/experiences, or advice for improvement); 
  • include comments from the student with respect to the meeting and report; and
  • indicate plans for future meetings of the committee. 

The student must acknowledge receipt of the annual assessment report. The Ph.D. Committee Chair will submit the completed assessment to the C I Graduate Program Office. The assessments will be kept on file during the student’s program. 

A Ph.D. Committee may develop its own format for annual assessments (e.g., a letter to the student, along with the student’s reply). This sample assessment formis also available for use. Although variations on the assessment report are acceptable, the student, the Chair, and all committee members must sign the report before it is submitted. 

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