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Master of Science

The Master's of Science in C&I with an emphasis in Literacies and English Language Arts (LELA) is an academic degree designed to initiate candidates into the theory, research and practice within chosen fields of study. Often students who pursue an M.S. imagine going on to a Ph.D. program. Beyond a shared core of courses with all C&I master's degree candidates, course work is flexible in order to accommodate the student’s interests. The degree requires the completion of a formal thesis and 36 credit hours of course work.

Course of Study for the M.S.

The master's policies and procedures are intended to ensure high academic performance while permitting flexibility in what is required of each student to achieve that standard. Advisers are expected to use their professional judgment in setting specific requirements for each student based upon understanding of the student's individual goals and needs. Consequently, master's course work may vary.

Each student will work with an adviser and must complete the following requirements for the M.S. within an eight-year period:

  • A nine-credit core:
    • One three-credit course in curriculum
    • One three-credit course in educational research
    • One three-credit course in philosophical, social, psychological or historical foundations of education
  • Subject-specific "emphasis area" course work (e.g., in Social Studies Education)
  • Six credits of CI 600 - Thesis Research
  • At least 36 credits in the M.S. program, with all credits from graduate courses—400 or above—and at least 18 credits at 500 or 600 levels.
  • A research-oriented thesis passed by a committee made up of the advisor and a second faculty member.