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Arts and Literacy Block (PK-4)

The Arts & Literacy Block is taken during semesters 5 or 6 and includes the courses:

  • LLED 400 Teaching Reading in the Elementary School
  • LLED 401 Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School
  • LLED 402 Teaching Children's Literature in the Elementary Classroom
  • CI 497 The Creative Child: Arts and Creativity in the Educative Process
  • CI 497 Multimodal Literacies 

Teacher candidates are assigned to a cohort that takes all five courses together. Instructors collaborate to create a shared vision for supporting teacher candidates to build a broader and more inclusive understanding of the arts, literacy, learning, children, and communities. Block goals include:Student teacher working with two students

  • understanding that there are multiple childhoods in America and how this impacts a teacher’s responsibilities;
  • understanding children’s acquisition and uses of the arts, literacy and literature for children through early childhood and into the elementary years;
  • developing a professional understanding of methods of pedagogy, curriculum planning and assessment that supports the needs of individual learners;
  • understanding children’s making of meaning through multiple modalities -- e.g., art, music, dance, film, digital production, etc. -- and how to integrate these in pre-K– 4 classrooms;
  • developing an understanding of how to support children whose strengths might be different than traditional conceptions of reading and writing;
  • developing an appreciation of the central role of play and of popular culture in children’s lives;
  • and developing knowledge of how to bridge differences between home and school lives and expectations.

Teaching literacy and the arts is both an intellectual and practical matter in which teachers work in conjunction with other school personnel, parents, and students to offer experiences that invite students to acquire literacy and to learn about it in and out of the classroom.