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Family and Relationships Selection

Students in the Elementary & Early Childhood Education (CEAED) PK-4 program learn about family and relationships in their ECE and HDFS course work, methods courses, and field experiences. In addition, students must select three credits in Family and Relationships courses.

All courses below are 3 credits unless otherwise stated.

Consult the Penn State Bulletin to look up more information on the following courses:

Note: Students may submit an academic petition to request the use of other courses, in particular those that focus on family and relationships, to satisfy this requirement by submitting an academic petition. A rationale for using a particular course, written by the student, must be part of the petition.

Sample Course Selections:

  • E C E 453 Parent Involvement in home, center and classroom instruction
  • ED THP 297A Multicultural Perspectives: Families, Communities, and Schools
  • ED THP 416 (US) Sociology of Education
  • ED THP 497A (WMNST 497C) Gender Issues in Education and Family
  • HD FS 311 Human Development and Family Studies Interventions
  • HD FS 315 (US) Family Development
  • HD FS 416 (US) Racial and Ethnic Diversity and the American Family
  • HD FS 418 Family Relationships
  • HD FS 424 (US) Family Development in an Economic Context
  • HS FS 431 Family Disorganization: Stress, Points in the Contemporary Family
  • HD FS 440 Family Policy
  • HD FS 499B Historical Roots of the Modern Italian Family
  • HD FS 499C Italian Relationships, Both Cultural and Familial
  • RHS 402 Children and Families in Rehabilitation Settings and Human Services
  • SOC 030 (GS) Sociology of the Family
  • SPLED 404 Working with Families and Professionals in Special Education
  • WL ED 444 (CI ED), Language, Culture and the Classroom: Issues for Practitioners