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Secondary Education English Course Selections

Students enrolled at Penn State Summer 2018 or later will be following the new Secondary Education English Option curriculum requirements.

Students who were enrolled at Penn State prior to Summer 2018 will continue to follow their Academic Requirements (degree audit) in LionPATH and can make an appointment with their academic advisor for help with course selections, specifically for cluster requirements or media literacy selections.

The following are course selections for the new SECED ENGL curriculum:


(1-3 cr) Grammar Selection. Select from:

APLNG 484 Discourse-Functional Grammar (3 cr)

COMM 160 Basic News Writing Skills (1 cr)


(3 cr) Speech and Oral Performance Selection. Select from:

CAS 100A (GWS) Effective Speech (3 cr)

CAS 280 Storytelling and Speaking (3 cr)

THEA 102 (GA) Fundamentals of Acting (3 cr)


(3 cr) Shakespeare Selection. Select from:

ENGL 129 (GH) Shakespeare (3 cr)

ENGL 405 Taking Shakespeare From Page to Stage (3 cr)

ENGL 440 Studies in Shakespeare (3 cr)

ENGL 444 Shakespeare (3 cr)


(6 cr) British and American Literature Selection. Select from:

ENGL 221 (GH) British Literature to 1798 (3 cr)

ENGL 222 (GH) British Literature from 1798 (3 cr)

ENGL 231 (GH) American Literature to 1865 (3 cr)

ENGL 232 (GH) American Literature from 1865 (3 cr)


(3 cr) Multicultural Literature in English Selection. Select from:

ENGL 135 (GH) Alternative Voices in Amer Lit (3 cr)

ENGL 139 (US;GH) Black American Lit (3 cr)

ENGL 194 (US; IL; GH) Women Writers (3 cr)

ENGL 428 (US) Asian American Literatures (3 cr)

ENGL 431 (US) Black American Writers (3 cr)

ENGL 462 (US) Reading Black, Reading Feminist (3 cr)

ENGL 466 (US) African American Novel I (3 cr)

ENGL 467 (US) African American Novel II (3 cr)

ENGL 468 (US) African American Poetry (3 cr)

ENGL 490 (US;IL) Women Writers and their Worlds (3 cr)

ENGL 492 American Women Writers (3 cr)

LTNST 403/CMLIT 403 (US) Latina/o Literature and Culture (3 cr)


(3 cr) Nonprint Literature Selection. Select from:

CMLIT 415 (US; IL; GH) World Graphic Novels (3 cr)

COMM 150N (Inter-domain) Art of the Cinema (3 cr)

COMM 250 (GA) Film History and Theory (3 cr)

COMM 411 Cultural Aspects of the Mass Media (3 cr)

ENGL 136 (GH) The Graphic Novel (3 cr)

ENGL 235/AF AM 235 (US) From Folk Shouts and Songs to Hip Hop Poetry (3 cr)

THEA 100 (GA) The Art of the Theatre (3 cr)

THEA 105 (GA) Intro to Theatre (3 cr)


(3 cr) Writing Selection. Select from:

ENGL 50 (GA) Introduction to Creative Writing (3 cr)

ENGL 212 Introduction to Fiction Writing (3 cr)

ENGL 213 Introduction to Poetry Writing (3 cr)

ENGL 214 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing (3 cr)

ENGL 215 Introduction to Article Writing (3 cr)