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iPad Initiative

TESLA members were asked to pilot an iPad trial through the College of Education in order to determine if iPads can function in the same capacity that currently required notebook computers do for education students in their programs.  Each interested TESLA member currently has an iPad from the College of Education that he or she can use for classes, homework, projects, and leisure.  Members who are working with the iPads meet monthly with a representative from the College of Education to evaluate the usefulness of the iPad and the ways that it serves the student.  In the past when this trial was conducted, TESLA members found the iPads useful, and the current trial is even better supported by the college in hopes that iPads can benefit College of Education students.  TESLA members have found iPads to be useful in the past because they allow prospective teachers to experiment with a range of recommended apps that they can use in their classrooms.  As TESLA students continue to engage with the iPads and check in with the College of Education, supports will be strengthened in hopes that iPads will be an acceptable substitute for MacBooks for education students in the future, should students choose this route.

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