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Kids Advisory Board (KAB)

The Kids Advisory Board (affectionately known as KAB) is a youth leadership team made up of third to fifth graders who are able to affect change in the museum through collaboration with TESLA.  In its beginning, TESLA decided that Discovery Space (our partner science museum located in downtown State College) is a space that serves kids, and to best serve kids, Discovery Space’s planning should include input from kids.  So TESLA reached out to a few of the museum’s most frequent elementary school visitors and asked them if they would be interested in meeting to give input about the museum.  From its humble beginnings, KAB has grown into a group that meets bi-weekly to teach kids more about science, to encourage them to share their love of science with others, and to give them voices in the exhibits, programs, and activities offered at Discovery Space.  The greatest accomplishment of KAB thus far has been hosting their own bi-annual event.  The kids work hard to research and create stations centered around a science theme, and all of their hard work then culminates into an entire event hosted by these amazing kids!  Be on the look out for this semester’s event on December 6, 2014 from 10am to noon.

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