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About Us

The CETC Team is responsible for managing the College’s IT infrastructure, which includes: network, servers, desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and associated peripherals in Chambers, Keller, Cedar, Rackley, Penn State IT Data Centers.  Information and technical support is provided through walk-in service, our online help desk-ticketing system, through appointments, phone, and email.  The College is a multi-platform, heterogeneous environment, serving both Apple/macOS, Dell/WinOS, and a variety of mobile systems.

The Carrara Education Technology Center (CETC) exists for the purposes of: being a model of learning persons providing outstanding customer services and technical support; ensuring that Information Technology (Penn State IT) goals and strategic plans complement those of the College of Education and the University; fostering collaborations and facilitating the delivery of services that meet the academic and administrative needs of the College, University, and community.

Office of Research, Outreach & Technology: Focus on technology.


The Carrara Education Technology Center is a leader by demonstrating: (a) outstanding customer support, (b) advancing information technology innovation, and (c) inspiring creative application of information technology resources in the College of Education, at Penn State University, and in the community.


The mission of the Carrara Education Technology Center is to provide outstanding technical consultation, support, and training for the exceptional educators, scholars, researchers, and students at Penn State College of Education, thereby helping to advance the profession of education through the secure, proficient, successful, and innovative use of technology.

Future State

Our IT group will be an ongoing and supportive community built on trust that fosters collaboration, innovation, and strategic creativity, to provide strong IT leadership for the University.


Before connecting to the College of Education network, all users must read and understand a number of the key conditions set forth in the following Penn State IT and College of Education Information Technology Policies.

Special Projects

As time and schedules permit, CETC personnel can be included in sponsored projects to facilitate technical assistance, support, design, and project development. Approval must be obtained after full project scope and planning have been discussed and negotiated.