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Managed Software Center

Managed Software Center is your source for Mac Applications on your College of Education Mac. The College level App Store will provide an easy to use interface that will allow the user to install Apple and 3rd party software updates for their College Mac.

Managed Software Center

What is Managed Software Center?

Managed Software Center is a MacAdmins community developed application to allow full software deployment to enterprise Macs.  This software allows the user to perform college approved updates or install college approved software on their schedule without intervention of an administrator.

Introduction to Managed Software Center

When opening Managed Software Center, the first page you will see is the Applications page.  Here you will find all software that is currently available to your system.  These applications can be clicked on to read more information about each piece of software.  The user can also click the Install button which will begin the installation of the software immediately.  There is also a Resources section which provides links to the College of Education's Help Desk, ITS Alerts and the College of Education's website as well as a news section that will provide updates about software releases, security updates and general information abouttechnology happenings in the College of Education.  These links will open within Managed Software Center and provide a central hub for managed software in the College and assistance from CETC.


The Categories section will display all software available to your machine but instead separate it into categories for easier viewing.  These categories can be drilled into and allow the user to install software they would like to install.

My Items

The My Items section will provide a user with an organized list of all Applications that are currently installed on the system which can also be removed by clicking the uninstall button.  Note: If the Uninstall button is greyed out then the install cannot be removed.


The Updates section will display any updates that are currently available to your system (Apple and 3rd party) as well as any software you have selected to install that has not yet been completed.  The user can also click Check again to perform another check for updates.