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NSOR (National Sex Offender Registry) Clearance

Information on the NSOR Clearance can be found here: Additional details include:

  1. No fee
  2. Purpose of NSOR is “Volunteer of a child-care provider, group-daycare home or family child care home.”
  3. May take up to 14 days after application has been submitted
  4. Must mail or email completed application to (Department of Human Services PO Box 8170 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8170: OR (
  5. Make a copy of your completed application before mailing the application
  6. Link to the application:
  7. Applicants who do not possess a social security number must contact a ChildLine supervisor. The ChildLine supervisor will assist on how to apply for the NSOR verification, in the absence of a social security number.