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C I 295

Early field experience for 7-12 and world languages

C I 295 is required for teacher candidates seeking admission to the following certification programs: any secondary (7-12) certification area (Language and Literacy Education (LL ED), Mathematics Education (MTHED), Science Education (SCIED), and Social Studies Education (SS ED)) or World Languages Education (WL ED).

C I 295 is a two-credit course that consists of three major components:

  1. a weekly seminar consisting of reading, discussion, lecture and reflective writing assignments
  2. a two-hour weekly tutoring experience
  3. two bus trips to schools for observations

Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon. These seminars engage teacher candidates in reading, thinking, talking and writing about a wide range of issues and topics that are pertinent for individuals considering becoming P-12 educators.

Weekly Tutoring Experience

Each teacher candidate in C I 295 is required to participate in a weekly two-hour tutoring experience during the C I 295 course. Tutoring opportunities are available in a wide variety of locations and allow students to engage in tutoring a number of individuals with differing needs and interests. 

School Bus Trips

At two different points during the semester, teacher candidates in C I 295 take bus trips to spend a day observing in local school districts in central Pennsylvania. Transportation is provided, and C I 295 students are pre-assigned to specific schools.  Once in the schools, students are engaged in a variety of observation activities that link the school observation with the C I 295 seminars.

Students are required to dress and behave in a professional manner while participating in the school observations. They should also conduct themselves in a professional manner in their online activities. In addition, each student must provide the required clearances by the end of the first week of C I 295.

Participating in the bus trips requires teacher candidates to be away from the university from approximately 7 a.m to 4 p.m. on either Tuesday or Thursday. Thus, those who wish to schedule C I 295 must have either Tuesday or Thursday free from other classes for the bus trips. Teacher candidates who must schedule classes on both Tuesday and Thursday may be allowed to register for C I 295 provided that they receive permission from their course instructors to be absent from the Tuesday/Thursday class in order to participate in the two bus trips.

Teacher Candidates who find themselves in this situation must complete the application for C I 295 exception form and submit it to the CIFE Office, 170 Chambers Building, before they will be allowed to register for C I 295.

Required Clearances for C I 295

The following clearances are required in order to participate in C I 295

  1. Federal Criminal History (FBI Fingerprints). Must be completed in Pennsylvania.
  2. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History (Act 151)
  3. Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check (Act 34)
Please note: All required clearances must be valid at the beginning of each field experience. It is also possible that some early childhood settings will require that the clearances be valid for the entire length of the field experience. Your supervisor will inform you if that is the case.

For more information on the required clearances, visit the Clearance Section of the website.