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C I 295 - Summer Opportunities

This page describes special sections of C I 295 that are offered in the summer.
Note: Students who have completed all other requirements for entry to the major during the spring of their sophomore year and who desire to participate in these special summer C I 295 experiences may be admitted to the major provisionally as part of the spring entrance to major pool, contingent upon successful completion of the special 295 summer experience.

Urban Education Seminar

This two-week summer semester seminar provides Penn State students with a unique immersion experience in an urban public school environment. The experience will help participants begin to thoughtfully consider diversity in public school education. Weekdays will be spent in Philadelphia public school classrooms working with children and teachers. Evenings will include daily learning forums that provide participants with a chance to reflect on that day’s experiences and attend cultural events in the city. The weekend will be spent engaging in organized community service activities. The participant is responsible for paying the 3-credit tuition cost and a nonrefundable $400 program fee, as well as most meals and spending money. LaSalle University dormitory lodging and van transportation between University Park and Philadelphia are provided at no cost to participants. Transportation to schools is also provided at no additional cost to students. The clearances that are required are the same as those required for C I 295.

Bedford Rural Seminar

This two-week, 3-credit, Maymester course provides a unique rural school immersion experience. Students will spend the weekdays working with children and teachers in rural schools. The weekend and evenings will include community activities and seminar discussions. The course is available as CI 295C or CI 295A. Successful completion of this course equals 40 of the 80 required diversity hours. A $350 non-refundable class fee is required  in addition to summer tuition. The fee covers transportation between University Park and Bedford, transportation to and from the educational sites, lodging, some meals, and a t-shirt. Please contact for more information. Full registration is contingent upon completion of clearances.