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C I 295 B - 4th to 8th Grade

Early field experience description for 4-8 majors

C I 295B is required for teacher candidates seeking admission to the 4-8 certification programs in English, Math, or Social Studies. C I 295B is a three-credit course that consists of two major components:

  1. a weekly seminar consisting of reading, discussion, lecture and reflective writing assignments
  2. six hours per week spent observing and working with individual students or small groups of students in classrooms in grades 4 through 8 for a period of 10 weeks.

Weekly Seminars

Seminars are held one afternoon a week. These seminars engage teacher candidates in reading, thinking, talking and writing about a wide range of issues and topics that are pertinent for individuals considering becoming educators at the middle level.

Weekly School Observations

Teacher candidates will be placed in schools for their observation experience for one six-hour period once per week. All placements will be within walking distance of the University Park campus or will be accessible on bus routes. For those who have their own transportation, placements in other middle-level settings might be possible. In addition to observing and working with 4-8th grade students, teacher candidates may also be asked to assist with some clerical tasks.

Required Clearances for C I 295B

The following clearances are required in order to participate in C I 295B:

  1. State Health Appraisal and Tuberculosis Test
  2. Federal Criminal History (FBI Fingerprints). Must be completed in Pennsylvania.
  3. Pennsylvania Child Abuse History (Act 151)
  4. Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check (Act 34)
  5. Arrest/ Conviction Report and Certification Form (Act 24)
  6. Guest/ Host Form

Please note: All required clearances must be valid at the beginning of each field experience. This means that the clearances must be less than one year old at the beginning of the field experience. It is also possible that some school districts will require that the clearances be valid for the entire length of the field experience. Your supervisor will inform you if that is the case.

For more detailed information about the required clearances, please visit the Clearance Section of the website.

Assessment of Student Performance at the Field Site

Student performance in the field site is assessed using the C I 295B Pre-service Teacher Assessment Form

Hours Log

Pre-service teachers keep a log of hours at the field experience that is signed by the mentor teacher. The log contains weekly information for date(s) spent in the field experience, the number of hours spent in the field experience each week, and the mentor's signature for each week recorded.

Location and Transportation

The early field experience courses required for PK-4 (CI 295B) provide teacher candidates with the opportunity to spend 60 hours in 4-8 grade classrooms. Placements are within walking distance of campus or on bus routes.