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Necessary Clearances

All required clearances (with the exception of the FBI Clearance) must be valid at the beginning of each field experience. The clearances required for each Field Experience Course are listed below. A “✔” indicates the clearances required for that course

Clearance Name:

CI 280 / CI 295

CI 295A

CI 295B

CI 495A/ 495B/ 495C/ 495D/ 495E/ 495F

LLED Block

WLED 495B/ 495C

WLED 483

Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check (Act 34)

Apply Now: Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check Website

Child Abuse History (Act 151)

Apply Now: Child Abuse History Portal

Federal Criminal History (FBI)

Apply Now: Federal Criminal History Web Portal

Service code for CI 280, 295, 295B, 495A, 495B, 495C, 495D, 495E, 495F, and LLED Block is 1KG6RT

Service code for only CI 295A is 1KG6ZJ

Arrest/ Conviction Report and Certification Form (Act 24)

Tuberculosis Test

To apply, obtain an application from Penn State Health Services or your physician.

State Health Appraisal

(The State Health Appraisal Form includes a Tuberculosis Test section).

Guest/Host Form

Professional Liability Insurance

Mandated Reporter Training

This training is state-approved. This training is free but does require individuals to register to gain access.

In the event that you have completed a training course in the past, you may check if it is included on the PA state list of all approved courses.

Penn State Mandated Reporter Training "Building a Safe Penn State"

Certificate of completion must be dated less than one year from current semester

NSOR (National Sex Offender Registry) Clearance

PA DHS Disclosure Statement for Provisional Employment

Penn State Self-Disclosure Form

If you are arrested or convicted of crimes listed on this form, you must self-disclose within 72 hours.

Student Emergency Contact Form - Center Provided

Confidentiality Statement and Guidelines - Center Provided 

Special Notes:

  • It is possible that some school districts will require that the clearances be valid for the entire length of the field experience and be less than a year old. In this case, you will have to apply for a new FBI clearance. Your supervisor will inform you if that is the case.
  • Professional Liability must be current throughout the entire experience. (If being added as a rider on an existing insurance policy, you must submit a copy of the addendum that states coverage is for “Professional Liability”).
  • The Act 151 (Child Abuse Clearance) may take up to 10 weeks so allow ample time for actual form processing.