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CI 295A Mentor Teacher Orientation

1. What is CI 295A?

CI 295A is an early field experience for students, typically sophomores, who intend to earn PK‐4 teacher certification.

2. How often will CI 295A students be visiting early childhood settings?

CI 295A students must spend 60 hours in early childhood settings. Students will either make 10 six-hour visits or 20 three-hour visits during 10 weeks of the semester. If they miss time, they are expected to make it up either during the 10 weeks or in the week following their final placement week.

In addition, students will have a weekly two‐hour seminar on campus.

Administrators or teachers from the placement centers are invited to be guest speakers on topics of interest during the seminar.

3. What are CI 295A students expected to do in the early childhood sites?

CI 295A students are expected to

  • observe in classrooms using various documentation and observation tools
  • assist in activities and routines (e.g. lunch, circle time, etc.)
  • interact with individual students or small groups of students to implement plans that are developed by the mentor teacher. CI 295A students are not ready to develop their own lesson plans.

4. Do CI 295A students need to stay in one classroom?

CI 295A students will spend the majority of the experience in one classroom, but they may observe in a different classroom toward the end of the semester.

5. What are mentor teachers for CI 295A expected to do?

  • facilitate the student’s interactions with children, guide the student in assisting in the classroom, and assist the student in understanding his or her observations
  • sign a time log that documents that the student has spent 6 hours in the center each week
  • complete a brief evaluation checklist at the middle and end of the semester, and if possible, meet with the student and a course instructor to review the evaluation
  • mentor teachers are not compensated monetarily for serving in this role

6. Is there a University supervisor for CI 295A?

Yes, one of the course instructors will be assigned as the CI 295A supervisor and will visit the programs and classrooms to confer with mentor teachers, observe the students, and check on how well the experience is going.