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CI 295B Mentor Orientation

1. What is CI 295B?

CI 295B is an early field experience for students, typically sophomores, who intend to earn middle level teacher certification (grades 4‐8) in English or Social Studies.

2. How often will CI 295B students be visiting schools?

CI 295B students will spend 10 days in classrooms. Each visit will be 6 hours. In addition, they will have a weekly two‐hour seminar on campus.

3. What are CI 295B students expected to do?

CI 295 B students will be expected to observe in classrooms, assist with clerical tasks (e.g. photocopying, making materials, etc,) and to work with individual students or small groups of students with plans that are developed by the mentor teacher. CI 295B students are not ready to develop their own instructional plans.

4. Do CI 295B students need to stay in one classroom?

CI 295B students may spend the entire field experience in one classroom, but that is not necessary. They may spend time in multiple classrooms during their school visits.

5. What are mentor teachers for CI 295B expected to do?

The mentor is asked to assist the CI 295B student in making sense of what the student is observing and also to facilitate the student’s interactions with small groups or individual students. Mentor teachers are asked to sign a log, kept by the CI 295B student, each week that documents that the student has spent 6 hours in the school. Mentors are also asked to complete a brief evaluation checklist that provides feedback on the student’s developing professionalism. Mentors are not compensated monetarily for serving in that role.

6. Is there a University supervisor for CI 295B?

Yes, a University faculty member or graduate students will be assigned as the CI 295B supervisor and will visit the school sites to confer with mentors and check on how well the experience is going.