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A Guidebook for C I 495C & WL ED 495C Mentor Teachers

Thank you for agreeing to mentor a C I 495C or WL ED 495C pre-student teacher in your classroom this semester. The faculty and staff in The Pennsylvania State University College of Education view you as a vital partner in developing the next generation of education professionals. Our pre-student teachers gain much from having an opportunity to observe and teach in the schools side-by-side with an experienced classroom teacher.

The pre-student teaching field experience (C I 495C or WL ED 495C) is part of the Secondary Education (SECED) program, and is taken concurrently with a discipline-specific methods class (i.e. MTHED 412, LL ED 412, SCIED 412, SS ED 412, WL ED 412). Most students enroll in this course in the semester directly before student teaching. As a “field” experience, C I 495C / WL ED 495C takes place in schools and in seminars with university supervisors, where students apply, extend, and reflect on the concepts, questions, theories, and models studied in the university-based courses, especially those in the SECED methods classes.

In accord with the Penn State University Secondary Teacher Education Performance Framework, student inquiry, assignments, and assessment for C I 495C or WL ED 495C will address four domains of teaching and learning:

  1. Planning and Preparing for Student Learning
  2. Teaching
  3. Inquiry and Analysis of Teaching and Learning
  4. Fulfilling Professional Responsibilities

Hopefully, this guidebook will help you understand the goals of the Penn State Teacher Education Program and the expectations of the C I 495C and WL ED 495C pre-student teaching experience. We thank you for your contribution toward ensuring the professional growth of our pre-student teachers. Feel free to contact us by email or phone with your questions, comments, or concerns.


  1. Teacher Education Framework
  2. General Questions
  3. Responsibilities


Secondary Education Field Experiences Coordinator
Curriculum and Instruction Office of Field Experiences (CIFE)

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A Guidebook for Mentor Teachers of C I 495C Students
Teacher Education Framework ○ General Questions ○ Responsibilities