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What Is CI 495A?

CI 495A is the middle level field experience. It follows CI 295A, the first classroom that students experience. These placements are in early childhood centers so they can have an understanding of education from birth through pre-kindergarten. CI 495A is the first time that many of the students have been in front of a classroom of students as they begin to teach lessons. In this experience, the students’ focus will be on lesson design, teaching and classroom management, as well as examining issues associated with educating diverse learners.

A Guidebook for Mentor Teachers of C I 495A Students
Letter to the Mentors ○ Contact Information ○ What Is Penn State's Teacher Education Program All About? ○ What Is This "DI Block" That My Student Talks About?  What Is CI 495A? ○ Sample Student Schedule ○ What Does My Student Have to Do for CI 495A? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Observing My Student? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Conferencing with My Student? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Evaluating My Student? ○ How Do I Contact Someone If I Have Questions?