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Letter to the Mentors

Dear Mentor Teachers,

Thank you for agreeing to introduce a Penn State education student to the real world of teaching. We understand the important role you play in helping the students become the very best teachers they can be, and your help is much appreciated! The CI 495A supervisors also play an important, but different, role in this development. You are the ones who are with the pre-service teacher every day they are in the classroom. You are the ones they look to for daily guidance and help with concerns they may have. The supervisors will teach or review important material with the students in seminars and observe and conference with the students, but they cannot be there as frequently as you are. Establishing collaborative relationships among the three of you – the student, the supervisor and you as mentor – benefits all involved.

The goal of this packet is to give you some insight into the semester that the students are experiencing and some understanding of the Penn State program. While the students are in the classrooms every Tuesday and Thursday, they are also attending three methods classes – math ed, science ed and social studies ed. This is typically a very busy, sometimes stressful, semester for the students as they switch back and forth several times a week between the roles of teacher and student, completing a number of assignments in each role.  Each of these assignments is explained in greater detail in the pages that follow.

Because our goal is to have you work closely with us to help our students become effective teachers, we value your input and suggestions. Please call or email us if you have concerns, ideas for improvement, or questions. The following page lists the phone numbers and email addresses of the Penn State CI 495A supervisors as well as those of us in the office. I would like to be invited to visit you in your classrooms and welcome your visits to my office.


Allison K. Kootsikas, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Elementary Field Experiences

A Guidebook for Mentor Teachers of C I 495A Students
Letter to the Mentors ○ Contact Information ○ What Is Penn State's Teacher Education Program All About? ○ What Is This "DI Block" That My Student Talks About?  What Is CI 495A? ○ Sample Student Schedule ○ What Does My Student Have to Do for CI 495A? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Observing My Student? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Conferencing with My Student? ○ What Do I Need to Know about Evaluating My Student? ○ How Do I Contact Someone If I Have Questions?