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What Does My 495A Student Have to Do for the CI 495A Experience?

What are the Major Assignments?

The 495 students are required to plan, teach and reflect upon a minimum of ten lessons. Three of these plans will be science plans, one will be the social studies lesson, and the rest may be any subject area. The students must have their plans approved by the mentor teacher at least 24 hours in advance of their teaching. If the student has not submitted the plan for your approval, please do not permit the student to teach. A lesson may be for an individual, small group or an entire class. We also encourage co-teaching with your student, especially in the beginning. The following suggestions may help you guide your 495 student toward becoming a professional:

  1. Provide a supportive environment in which a beginning teacher can learn. You may find yourself in a situation (much like you encounter with a young child learning to make his bed) in which you could do the job better and/or faster yourself. Please try to be patient – learning takes time.
  2. Provide helpful, specific feedback. It is useful to think of yourself in the role of a coach, making suggestions that will help the student improve his/her performance, just as an Olympic coach would offer suggestions to an athlete.
  3. Take time to listen carefully to your beginning teacher. Many students are anxious at the beginning and need you to listen to them, which they interpret as caring about them.
  4. Don’t be afraid to address your concerns with your students. They would rather hear from you that something they are doing is upsetting you early in the experience rather than at the end of the experience.
  5. Be tactfully honest with the student. Telling a student, “that was a pretty good lesson” when in fact it was not very good doesn’t help the student to learn to identify his/her strengths and goal areas.

A Guidebook for Mentor Teachers of C I 495A Students
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