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Attendance Policy

Attendance is required at all seminars and field experience days. Students may be excused from lectures, seminars, and field experiences for reasons of serious personal illness, death in the immediate family, religious holidays, or a conflicting and required Penn State event. In the case of an excused absence, all class work must be made up within a week. Excused field site days must be made up by the end of the semester. Excessive absences that do not allow for make-up time at the end of the semester may result in a grade of Unsatisfactory for the course, requiring you to retake the course the next semester.

School Attendance

Participation in the field experience program requires a commitment to that program, the mentor teacher, and most importantly the students. If, due to illness or family emergency, you cannot be at your school site on a given day, you are required to place a call to (1) your mentor teacher or school and (2) field experience supervisor. Written (email) verification of the emergency must be presented to the field experience instructor within one week of the absence. Absences due to sanctioned university functions must be reported prior to the event through written notification by University personnel.

Extenuating circumstances such as inclement weather and school delays will be addressed on an individual basis in consultation with those involved. You may decide not to drive to schools when inclement weather makes driving more hazardous. This is a decision that must be made carefully, as your safety is paramount. The general rule of thumb is if school is held and you elect not to attend, the day must be made up (this also applies to delayed starts to the school day). If school is cancelled, the day does not need to be made up. You are not required to drive through a school district that is closed to reach your school, even if your school is not cancelled.

You are required to make up excused absences either during the field experience or during Penn State’s final exam week. You are responsible for discussing make-up procedures with the field experience instructor and the mentor teacher within one school week of the absence. Excessive absences, more than can be made up in finals week, could result in an unsatisfactory rating for the course, as noted above.

Seminar Attendance

Seminar attendance is required. On the day of an unplanned absence (due to sudden illness or family emergency), a call or email must be placed to the supervisor before the scheduled seminar time. An unexcused absence or tardiness may result in an unsatisfactory rating in the area of professional responsibilities, which could result in an unsatisfactory for the course. Excessive excused absences could also result in an unsatisfactory rating for the course, which would result in the need to retake the course.