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Workforce Education

To enter the Workforce Education and Development major a student must have completed a formal training period in an industrial or health-related occupation. The training may have been received from a career-technical school, a community college, a private trade school, industry, or the armed services.

Workforce Ed teacher with studentsThe major also requires that the applicant have two years of work experience in his or her field of specialization beyond the learning period. If a student has completed the training period, but has no work experience, it still may be possible to enter the major and complete work experience during the summer or other semesters. The work will be supervised and the student will earn credit. The program will take five years if a student combines work and study.

Emphasis Areas

The Industrial Education, Health Occupations Education, and Occupational Home Economics options lead to the bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in Workforce Education and Development and a teaching certificate. This degree program requires the successful completion of both the learning period and work experience components of an occupation, as well as successful completion of the Occupational Competency Assessment.

A B.S. degree is necessary to become a supervisor or director of vocational education or a chief administrator of a vocational school. Eventually, a master's degree must be earned in order to qualify for these areas of certification.

The non-certification Industrial Training option requires that a person complete a practicum experience working in an industrial setting. These experiences have been arranged, for the most part, within Pennsylvania, but there are several opportunities at industrial sites for out-of-state students who may wish to return to their home areas to fulfill this requirement.


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