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Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Information about how to earn a post-baccalaureate teacher certification from the Penn State College of Education.

For information on program requirements and how to apply, candidates interested in Level I certificates issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education should contact the Advising and Certification Center.

 Post-Bachelors certification is only available in-person at the University Park campus in State College, Pennsylvania. It typically requires 3-4 semesters of coursework followed by a full-time, 15-week student teaching experience (you will be placed by the College of Education; students do not find their own placements.)

 Applicants must have a 3.00 cumulative Grade Point Average or higher in all previous undergraduate coursework. At the completion of the course requirements for your intended area of certification, you must pass all required testing, as mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), in effect at that time.

 At the following website, you can review additional information on tuition and costs at Penn State,

 For information on the Post-Bachelors programs offered at Penn State, please review the following website It also is possible to purse teacher certification in conjunction with an advanced (Masters) degree, but it will also require additional coursework, and likewise require additional time to completion.

 Although these refer to undergraduate programs, teacher certification is offered to post-bachelors students using the curricular check sheets provided on this page. There is no deadline to apply for a post-bachelors certification option; however, you must be accepted by a specific program to be eligible for the certification credential.

 If, based on the information above, you are still interested in pursuing post-bachelors certification at Penn State, please e-mail Cheyenne Pearce ( your transcript (as a PDF document). Please also let Cheyenne know which area of certification you are interested in (e.g., Elementary, Secondary Social Studies, etc.) Advising & Certification Center will evaluate what courses you would need to take to complete the certification requirements. Once the evaluation is complete, we will return the results to you. At that time, if you wish to pursue the course of study, you can schedule an appointment with our academic advisor for the intended certification area. In addition, we would like to know where you intend to teach in a rural, suburban or urban school district once you go through the program and become certified.


Graduate School Application


Applicants may wish to follow-up their transcript requests to see that they have been sent and received. Delays in processing admission applications often result from non-receipt of transcripts.

An application is reviewed by an Academic Advisor of the appropriate option area. However, an application is not reviewed until ALL application materials listed in the preceding section have been received. Action on an application for the certification programs usually is taken within 30 days after all materials are received.

If an applicant has not received an acknowledgement letter within 30 days of sending an application, contact the Advising and Certification Center.

When the application review process is completed, the prospective student is notified of one of the following decisions by the Certification Office:

  1. Acceptance.
  2. Acceptance with conditions or provisions.
  3. Delay in decision until additional information is provided by the applicant (perhaps by interview or other means).
  4. Rejection.

Additional information on specific programs:


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