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Penn State Record of Application for Certification Candidates

The PSU record of application is for all teacher education certification candidates who have applied through the Pennsylvania Department of Education Teacher Management System (TIMS).

1. A completed PSU Record of Application form is required in order for Penn State to Affirm and Recommend your Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) application to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

  • The PSU Record of Application is to be completed AFTER you have completed your TIMS application.
  • TIMS does not indicate when new applications are waiting for Affirmation and Recommendation; the PSU Record of Application is our notification that your application has been submitted to TIMS to be Affirmed and Recommended.

2. After you have submitted your online TIMS application, you will need to provide your TIMS PPID as well as your TIMS application ID, so please make note of them. Your PPID can be viewed in TIMS from the Demographic Information page and the application ID can be viewed from your dashboard.

3. The Certifying Officer for Penn State will not Affirm and Recommend your TIMS application for certification without the PSU Record of Application.


ALL K-12 areas - two exams by ETS:

Fundamental Subjects: Content Knowledge (0511 paper/ 5511 computer) and a subject area:

Agriculture K–12 Agriculture 0780
Art PK–12 Art: Content Knowledge 5134/ 0134
Environmental Education K–12 Environmental Education 0831
French PK–12 French: ACTFL; French (Oral Proficiency Interview) (Written Proficiency Test)
German PK–12 German: ACTFL; German (Oral Proficiency Interview) (Written Proficiency Test)
Health and Physical Education PK–12 Health and Physical Education: Content Knowledge 5856/0856
Music PK–12 Music: Content Knowledge 5113
Reading Specialist PK–12 Reading Specialist 5301
Spanish PK–12 Spanish: ACTFL; Spanish (Oral Proficiency Interview) (Written Proficiency Test)
Speech and Language Impaired PK-12: Speech Language Pathology 5331

Secondary Education - one exam in subject area by ETS:

Biology 7–12 Biology: Content Knowledge 5235/ 0235
Chemistry 7–12 Chemistry: Content Knowledge 5245/ 0245
Communication 7–12 Speech Communication: Content Knowledge 5221
Earth & Space Science 7–12 Earth and Space Sciences: Content Knowledge 5571/ 0571
English 7–12 English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge 5038
General Science 7–12 General Science: Content Knowledge 5435/ 0435
Mathematics 7–12 Mathematics: Content Knowledge (Graphing calculator required.) 5161
Physics 7–12 Physics: Content Knowledge 5265/ 0265
Social Studies 7–12 Social Studies: Content Knowledge 5081/ 0081


Principal K-12: School Leaders Licensure Assessment 6011
Supervisor: Ed Leadership, Administration and Supervision 0411/5411
Letter of Eligibility: School Superintendent Assessment 6021

Education Specialist
Professional School Counselor PK-12: Professional School Counselor 0421/5421
School Psychologist: School Psychology 5402