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Diversity and Community Enhancement Committee

Information on the diversity and community enhancement committee in the Penn State College of Education.

Mission Statement

DCEC-LOGO.jpgThe mission of the College of Education's Diversity and Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) is to support and enhance diversity and the ongoing development of a welcoming environment in which all members of our community will have opportunities to thrive personally and professionally. The DCEC serves the College of Education through a mission of discussion, education, and promotion of an environment that is conducive to scholarship and learning and respectful of diverse backgrounds and viewpoints.

What is Diversity?

In the College of Education, we define the term "diversity" broadly and are committed to fostering and respecting differences including but not limited to ethnic origin, race, cultural background, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic and linguistic background, previous career experience, age, and abilities. In addition, we strive to respect differences in philosophy and points of view and emphasize the open debate of ideas on their merits.

Who are We?

The Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) is comprised of faculty, staff, and student volunteers from across the College of Education. 

All members of the College of Education - students, staff and faculty - are welcome to join.
Please see Become A Member page if you are interested in joining DCEC. 

What do We do?

The work of the DCEC is dynamic and responsive to the needs and interests of its members and the College community. Each year the DCEC sets an agenda consistent with the Framework to Foster Diversity at Penn State, the charges of Dean Kimberly Lawless and Assistant Dean Maria Schmidt, the committee's mission, perceived needs and opportunities in the College, and the commitments of individual committee members. We annually establish working subcommittees to address specific initiatives that support our mission. The entire DCEC and each of its subcommittees meet monthly during the academic year.

The College of Education's Diversity and Community Enhancement Committee is proud to announce the launch of our Facebook page.  We are hoping this page will become a place where members of the CoE community can engage in conversations and share information related to the DCEC's mission to support and enhance diversity and the ongoing development of a welcoming environment in which we can all thrive personally and professionally.

Interested in joining DCEC? Come to our monthly meeting! 
DCEC welcomes students, staff, and faculty members to attend our meeting every month.
In the monthly meeting, people bring in issues regarding to diversity and social justice, ideas of projects and events to discuss. Please see Current Events page for the meeting dates and upcoming events.

Where else can you find out about diversity at Penn State?

The DCEC Resources page can provide you with additional University diversity-related activity.