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April 2020 Meeting

Meeting Minutes

Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, March 31, 2020, 11:00am – 1:00 pm 

Virtual Meeting


Attendees: Seria Chatters (Chair), Misty Woods, Rhea Banerjee, Holly Klock, Chris Andrus, Michelle Knotts, Stephanie Koons, Bonnie Richardson, Brenda Martinez, Seria Chatters, Christine McDonald, Peggy Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Smolcic, Betsy Campbell, Shannon Joy, Peggy Schooling


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Old Business: 


  1. Welcome to new (and continuing) members.
  2. Minutes from March 2020 meeting were approved
    • A suggestion was made to remove identifying information from these and previous minutes, due to the sensitive nature of information being discussed.


New Business: New and Continuing Activities 

  1. Committee updates: Equity team
    • No current updates. The team reached out to leadership to clarify the issues that were discussed in the last DCEC meeting and received a response that things are hectic right now. ET suggested a meeting and are waiting to hear back.
  2. Committee updates: Staff subcommittee
    • No updates. The members suggested that the subcommittee be removed.
    • A suggestion was made instead to have a Taskforce: a working subcommittee.
  3. Discussion: Moving forward with DCEC events via virtual means; supporting community during pandemic crisis
    • A discussion occurred around how there are a lot of messages saying take care of yourself, but 7 new mandates to take care of.
    • The Difficult Dialogue event feels like a lot at this time and does not make sense in the current climate.
    • A suggestion was made that we could possibly share articles on DCEC, rather than have events at this point.
    • Members preferred the idea of continuing meetings and having people talk about specific issues, just to touch base periodically.
  4. Discussion: College of Education Monthly Inquiry and Discussion series update 
    • Members said that this is under work, but said not to make it official yet. Members wanted to test this out and see how it is received by the college first.
    • Topics were discussed for this series of discussion: Racism against Asians; Teaching Tolerance; Topics of equity and remote learning.
  5. Idea for Discussion: DCEC and Equity Team roles
    • There has not been much communication around this. Members said that they see the ET and DCEC as being two separate entities – DCEC’s college and community-based role is different from ET’s role of making curricular changes. 
  6. Other ideas for discussion
    • A suggestion was made that our funding could possibly be made into a donation since it does not roll over into the next year.


Meeting ended at 12:10pm


Next meeting: TBD