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December 2019 Minutes

Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, December 10, 2019, 2:00pm – 4:00 pm

Chambers Building 221


Attendees: Seria Chatters (Chair), Carlos Zalaquett, Shannon Telenko, Peggy Fitzgerald, Holly Klock, Maria Alicia Vetter, John Holst, Lisa Hopkins, Chris Andrus, Amity Maines, Betsy Campbell


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Old Business:


  1. Attendees introduced themselves.
  2. Reviewed and approved minutes from November 2019 meeting.


New Business: New and Continuing Activities

  1. Committee updates: Equity team

a)     Shannon reported there are two meetings left this semester (one with the dean). They will work on reviewing what they’ve done and what they propose to do which may include an online presence including a library of equity resources. The team will work with PK-4 teachers to update curriculum to focus on equity issues/practices. Seria will attend the meeting with the dean and asked for input from DCEC members on what our role is versus the equity team’s role. She shared our mission which states that we work to support and enhance diversity and the ongoing development of a welcoming environment for all members of the COE. We do this by planning educational events and by supporting an inclusive climate. Members were not sure of the role of each committee and how the two committees fit/overlap in their missions. Shannon noted that the Equity Team works directly with the dean’s office as a resource and to do research. The team is made up of faculty who Dean Monk had invited to attend an equity training in California and is led by Elizabeth Smolcic. It was suggested that Seria meet with the dean to determine what her vision is for the DCEC and that we should then invite the dean to attend our meetings. John raised the issue that the DCEC is not mandated to have representatives from all parties in the college as members so there is no specific responsibility. Carlos added that since the committee is not formally appointed attendance doesn’t count as service for faculty or staff. He also noted that even if some of our work does overlap, it’s not a problem because the demand is large so we can never meet all needs so it would be helpful to work collaboratively. Seria noted that it would be good to get more students to attend and we could reach out to student organizations. Also of note that no one in administration attends. Email Seria with any other thoughts/ideas and she’ll meet with the dean to discuss.   

2. Committee updates: Staff subcommittee

a) Chris and Amity reported that they were informed that the dean wants the DCEC staff to collaborate with the new Staff Advisory Council to include the staff diversity training in the SAC conference in the spring. This will be instead of the staff diversity retreat which has occurred for the past several years. A meeting is being scheduled between the DCEC and SAC staff with Dean Schmidt. Seria will discuss this with the dean.

3. Update: LGBTQA student resource center (Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity) training dates (Chris)

a)  Kaleena Selfridge has been in touch with Brian Patchcoski at the Center for Gender/Sexual Diversity to set up the Safer People Safer Places training for the spring. Our training will be the basic with the addition of some tailored information related to supporting students in their field placements and schools. They offered two dates of which the committee chose February 7th.

4. Progress report: ‘Right to Live in Peace’ event (John and Mari Alicia)

a)     John and Mari Alicia reported that approximately 75-90 people attended the event which included a short educational piece about the current situation in Chile followed by the performance. They will write a thank you letter to the group.

5. Idea for Discussion: Equity team and DCEC organizing townhall around diversity and equity issues (Elizabeth): n/a

6. Idea for Discussion: Diversity in Education Conference updates (JT) n/a

7. Idea for Discussion: Difficult Dialogue event planning

a)     Carlos reported that they are working on this. It was decided that we will have tables with specific topics/people to discuss.

8. Any additional items for further discussion

a)     Seria reminded the group about a past idea of sponsoring an end of Ramadan feast at the end of April. The committee had run out of funds last year when the idea was first broached, so it did not occur. We will place this on the agenda for January.



Next meeting: TBD