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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) April 2018 Meeting Minutes

This is the meeting minutes for DCEC monthly meeting in April 2018

April 5, 2018


Chair: Elizabeth Smolcic

2:00 – 3:30pm

Attendees: Ashley Patterson, Carlos Zalaquett, Efrain Mannon, Elizabeth Smolcic, Isaac Bretz, Jennifer Miller, John Holst, J.T. Kaleena Selfridge, Taylor, Kasey Hearn, Linda Oishi, Maria Alicia Vetter, Samantha Walker, Stacy Lynch, Susan Bass


  • Elizabeth announced that the DCEC has funding until the end of spring semester
  • The committee meeting ended with a special thank you to Elizabeth for her work and commitment to the DCEC over the past 3 years
  • Stacy motioned to approve minutes, Carlos seconded

Old Business

1) General

  • Elizabeth announced that Seria Chatters put herself forward for the DCEC chair position for 2018-19.
    • Seria was voted Chairperson by the committee
    • Elizabeth announced that the DCEC and United Way partnership Book Drive for March managed to collect 136 books.
      • Bonnie was recognized for her work in organizing this event
      • Jennifer, a graduate student in Adult Ed and International Comparative Ed, proposed that the DCEC sponsor workshops on personal development and social justice which she would facilitate for staff, faculty and student next year.
        • Each workshop would have room for a maximum of 12 people, but she can facilitate multiple events.
        • Efrain suggested that the workshops might include ways the training could be incorporated into practice
        • Elizabeth motioned to approve putting on at least one workshop for fall 2018, Linda seconded.
        • Maria proposed that the DCEC sponsor holding the exhibit “East African Women Wrap with a Message” Kangas: an East African garment for women
          • Was showing at the Bellfonte Art Museum. Could possibly happen in fall 2018.
          •  Features print cloth with information about the history and politics of the artifacts.
          •  Maria will try to establish an exact date
          • Ashley motioned to approve moving forward with an event and Efrain seconded
          • Elizabeth reported on an initiative from the Deans in response to undergraduates presenting their concerns over the lack of anti-racism/anti-bias education in the C o E curricula
            • As announced in an email, Penn State will fund a number of faculty attending a workshop in California with idea that attendees will disseminate what they have learned through working groups when they come.
            • Said that the Deans are intent on getting people engaged before the beginning of the next semester. This is also the beginning of an ongoing process.
            • Elizabeth asked for suggestions for ways the DCEC can be involved
              • Samantha suggested a liaison relationship between the DCEC and student groups, where DCEC members sit in at student meetings
                • Ashley agreed that there may be ways of extending the DCEC more into student spaces
            • Efrain suggested sponsoring a town hall between students and faculty, not just students and the Deans.
            • The committee agreed to co-sponsor with the Office of Multicultural Programs an Ice Cream Mingle for staff, faculty, grad students and ungrad students in the Multicultural Programs. The event will be held April 23, 11:00 – 1:00 in the Office of Multicultural Programs.
              • Isaac will order ice cream from the Creamery

2) Staff Subcommittee

  • Elizabeth reported on the Stand for State Training workshop
    • Said that the workshop was very interactive, the role play at the end was especially appreciated.
    • Carlos said that technologies issues at the beginning limited the number of role plays that could be done
      • The agenda for these workshops has evolved into more activities and less theorizing
  • Elizabeth reported that there were few C of E attendees, even though the event was heavily promoted to staff, faculty and grads.
    • Asked for ways to incentivize workshop attendance
      • Stacy suggested that the administration might give staff a buy in if diversity training was explicitly tied to performance reviews
      • Samantha suggested that the Dean might make attendance of diversity training mandatory as part of the strategic goals to Foster Diversity
      • Jennifer suggested reaching out to professors to make attendance worth extra credit for grad students
      • Carlos suggested that the committee draw up a list of suggestions for the Dean regarding ways to systematically offer training and incentives to faculty for infusing diversity issues into curriculum
      • Linda suggested re-packaging the workshops for particular audiences

3) Undergraduate subcommittee

  • Efrain and Ashley reported that design of the courses for the Social Justice Minor are complete

4) Faculty and GA subcommittee

  • Kaleena reported that the SafeZone 101 training for Faculty, Staff and Grad students on April 30 is being promoted with posters and emails.
    • Said that once enough people had completed the 101 training, the 102 training could be offered, perhaps next year.
    • Suggested that grad students might be lured to these workshops if it was pointed out to them that they could make the training part of their job talks