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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) April Meeting Minutes

Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

April 18th, 2019


Chair: SeriaShia Chatters

2:00 – 3:30pm


Attendees: SeriaShia Chatters, Patty Pei-Hsuan Liu, Carlos Zalaquett (zoom), Brenda Martinez, Elizabeth Smolcic, Linda Grant-Oishi,


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Old Business:

  1. Welcome to new (and continuing) members.
  2. Reviewed and approved the of minutes from 2019 March meeting
  3. Subcommittee update
    1. Linda updated that the staff retreat will be held on May 17th.
    2. Ideas for discussion: Search for new Dean of College of Ed


New Business:

1)     General:

1. Ideas for discussion: Search for new Dean of College of Ed.
DCEC committee members (faculty, staff, and students) will meet with Dr. Kelly tomorrow. Elizabeth mentioned that Dr. Kelly addressed some of the questions in his presentation today but some questions are worth asking again. DCEC members also listed some questions to ask such as “What is your vision or plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion at the staff level?” “What does diversity, inclusion and equity mean to you?” Seria also suggested question such as “What are your thoughts and visions about using DCEC as a vehicle to deepen equity in College of Ed and in the community?” Elizabeth also mentioned questions about how to recruit and retain faculty of color. Patty will be in the meeting to take notes tomorrow. After the four candidates, the DCEC can have a zoom phone call to talk how DCEC is going to send the message.

 2. Progress report: DCEC Ice Cream Social
The Ice Cream Social event will be held on Friday (4/26) from 1-3 pm, at Chambers 123 (Office of Multicultural Programs). Brenda will purchase the ice cream and Dr. Chatters will be at the Ice Cream event.

3. Ideas for discussion: Hosting an Iftar dinner with DCEC (Enes Gokce)
Enes proposed the project to have DCEC cohost the Iftar dinner with the Turkic community of State College (people from Turkey and Middle Asia) during Ramadan (the holy month of the Muslims). This event will probably require RSVP. The limit will be 60 people (plus around 30 people from the Turkic community).

a) Seria mentioned she’s concerned that since it’s the last DCEC meeting and it’s the end of the semester, DCEC may not be able to financially sponsor (limited budget now) or advertise for the event. Seria suggested that DCEC can make this a regular event next year so that we can start to plan earlier, put aside the budget, and advertise this event so that the community and school districts can participate in this event.  

b) Enes explained that the Turkic community in State College will prepare for the food and they will like DCEC to sponsor for location and provide plastic utensils and paper plates, and the event does not need to be on campus. Enes also mentioned that the Turkic community is not an official student club at Penn State.

c) Seria mentioned that she can personally reserve the high school cafeteria area for free for the event (it fits 100 people) and DCEC can co-host by creating the flyer and advertising on the list-serv but not sponsor the food ingredients. Seria will also support the beverages.

d) DCEC will be co-hosting the Iftar dinner with the Turkic community of State College (Linda motioned. Brenda seconded). The event will be on June 1st, from 8 am to 9:30 pm (sunset time). People can talk before the meal. Seria will reserve the High School cafeteria for the event location, and Seria will also be there talk about DCEC. Patty will work with Enes to create the flyer for the event.

4. Ideas for discussion: Review the year’s activities, ideas for next year, grant/scholarship for next year.
DCEC committee members reviewed the event this year and discussed events that can become regular DCEC events in the future (staff retreat, bullying workshop, diversity conference, touch conversation panel event, music event, and maybe the Iftar dinner can become the regular event. Seria also suggested that we can start advertising the DCEC scholarship at the beginning of Fall semester.

The Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

Next meeting: TBD (Fall 2019)