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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) February Meeting Minutes

Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

February 14th, 2019

Chamber 201 (Learn Lab)

Chair: SeriaShia Chatters

2:00 – 3:30pm

Attendees: Patty Pei-Hsuan Liu, Kate Woodman, John Holst, Maria Vetter, Carlos Zalaquett, Brenda Martinez, Betsy Campbell, Bonnie Richardson, Jessica Buterbaugh, William Diehl

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Old Business:

  1. Welcome to new (and continuing) members.
  2. Reviewed and approved the January 2019 meeting minutes
  3. Subcommittee updates:

       a. Staff committee gave the update that they are current at a pause and are waiting feedback from Dean Monk.
       b. Carlos brought up the issue that there is a change of policy that limits the hours that staff can participate in different committees and     
           activities. The committee members discussed that this policy is a guideline and will depend on the supervisors in each department.
           Carlos mentioned that he will direct his communication to the department chair. The committee also decided that we can invite Dean
           Monk to attend one of the DCEC meetings and to hear directly from the committee members.

New Business:

1)     General:

  1. The committee members discussed about the following DCEC meeting dates to avoid schedule conflict with faculty council meeting and other staff event. The following DCEC dates have been changed to 3/14 and 4/4, from 2-3:30 pm. 
  2. Carlos gave an update on the 2/22 panel event (2/22/2019, 3-5 pm, Chambers 108). Carlos had contacted the five panelists and each of them will take 15 minutes to talk about a real life experience in facilitating difficult conversations and to provide the specific strategies so that the participants can take away. Carlos also mentioned that CNED has the master’s program interview day on the 2/22 and they are trying to end the interview early since several graduate students are interested in attending this panel event.
    a. Patty will create a Qualtrics survey so that people can write down questions before the panel event. Jessica will create the Facebook event page through the DCEC Facebook page. Jessica said that she will attend the event and will take the photos. Kate mentioned that she posted the event on the advising Facebook page and heard people in Liberal Arts are also interested in the event as well.
    b. Seria will be the facilitator of the panel event. She will also put up the PPT as the background with the panelists’ names, titles, and expertise areas to help the audience know more about the panelists.
  3. Patty gave the update of the music event on behalf of John and Maria (2/22/2019, 6-7 pm, Kern 112). We reserved Kern 112 from 4:40 to 8:00 and the Tikis will start setting up at 4:40 to be ready to start at 6:00.  Although the event is supposed to end at 7:00, they are prepared to play overtime. John has sent flyers to all sponsors and to all departments in the College. The Tikis also posted the flyer on their Facebook page. John’s program posted it on their Facebook page. Maria also posted the info on several related pages.
    a. Seria will check in the DCEC budget to see if we’d have budget to provide food before the music band.
  4. Seria gave the update of the Bullying workshop on 3/15 and Carlos asked the committee members if anyone will be interested in presenting at the workshop since the graduate student that did the presentation had graduated. The committee members discussed that we can have the previous student did the presentation through zoom since people really liked his presentation. Seria also mentioned that the feedback she got from last time was people would like to just eat lunch so she does not want to plan any event during lunch time. Seria mentioned that the presentation can be more of a personal journey and experiences of learning diversity since a lot of people feel like there is a certain way otherwise it’s the wrong way, but there is no end game to being cultural competent. Seria also suggested that we can have a panel on privileges in the afternoon and if any committee member is interested, please let Seria know. This panel might help people work with their guilt about having privileges (it will be after lunch so around 1:30 pm, staff will be participating on behalf of DCEC).  
  5. Patty gave the update of the student mentoring project on behalf of Nur. Nur has talked with Dr. Zalaquett and will start a support group at the Herr Clinic. She has contacted the Muslim student association and they will pass the information along to Muslim students. Carlos suggested that Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) might have contacts for different student groups so that Nur can spread the information. Committee members also suggested the PRCC newsletter.
  6. Carlos brought up the issue of a CNED student with wheelchair and a service animal and how people are unaware of how to interact with service animal and often do a lot of violation. Now service dogs become more prevalent for different purposes but we don’t talk about it. People don’t understand the different between the service dog and emotional support dog. This student would like to educate people and raise awareness and she has developed a curriculum for it. Patty will contact the student and see where she wants to proceed from this point regarding to provide training. Betsy suggested that if the student is comfortable, we can also collaborate with the WPSU ( and DCEC can help make the connection. Seria also suggested The Lion 90.7 FM ( for another venue to raise the awareness.
  7. Bonnie brought up the raising books project, which DCEC participated last year and raised 136 books for families with children 0-5 years old. The date would be from 3/25-4/5 this year. The Amazon list was not utilized a lot last year and people thought they had to stick to the list so if we want to provide the list, we need to make sure to let people know the list is the suggestion. The committee approved to do this project this year and will try to put paper box in each of the buildings. Seria will also try to put boxes on the Elementary front office.
  8. Seria brought up that DCEC has a scholarship and has not been advertised. The grant is up to $500 for research or projects regarding to diversity and social justice. The grant was awarded to Wideline in 2016 for her school narrative project. The committee approved to officially promote the grant for people to apply. Patty and Seria will work on updating the grant application details on the website. Carlos also suggested we can use the money to promote the climate survey in the College of Education.
  9. The committee member discussed the DCEC Spring social event, which will be the ice cream social event this semester. The date will be Friday, 4/26, from 1-3 pm, at the MRC office. Brenda will contact the creamery and order the ice cream.

The Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Next meeting: March 14th, 2:00-3:30 pm, Chamber 201 (Learn Lab)