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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes from the DCEC meeting Sept. 13, 2018.

September 13, 2018
Chair: SeriaShia Chatters
2:00 – 3:30pm

Attendees: Seria Chatters, Pei-Hsuan (Patty) Liu, Linda Oishi, Samantha Walker, Bonnie Richardson, Brenda Martinez, Efrain Marimón, Carlos Zalaquett, Nia Baldwin, Kimberly Powell, Jessica Buterbaugh, Jennifer Miller, Wideline Seraphin, Ana Beltran, Alicia Dowd

Old Business

  1. Attendees introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting
  2. Reviewed and approved the minutes from April 2018

New Business

1) General

  • Kimberly presented The No-No Boys, a multimedia concert performed by Julian Saporiti and Erin Aoyama. They will be having the concert at PSU on 11/12 and will be here on 11/13 as well, and they are thinking about potentially holding workshop on 11/13. Wideline suggested maybe doing brown bag event with graduate students to talk about how they turned research into art. Need to brainstorm how to attract more students to the event.
  • Wideline and Ana presented a one minute clip for the “Schooling Narratives” which talked about the schooling experiences of people of color on and off campus. They are looking for late October or early November to host an event to do the screening and discussion. Additionally, they discussed needing extra time to finish a 20 minute version of the documentary. They indicated they do not need funding from DCEC, but need ideas of possible locations that can hold 50-100 people (State High? Mount Nittany Middle School, Delta? Foster or Freeman Auditorium) Seria suggested that they can do smaller screening for school administrators first so that they have space to talk before they bring this to the public. DCEC committee voted on the sponsoring the event and will discuss the event further in the October meeting.
  • Seria brought up the question regarding DCEC membership. She inquired as to whether we had specific requirements for the committee membership. The committee suggested that most colleges have their own diversity committees and we can first refer them back to their own committee. Samantha suggested that we can do a joint meeting with other colleges’ diversity committees.
  • Patty and Samantha presented an update on the DCEC website. There are many outdated information and broken links on the website currently. Patty and Samantha asked the committee to send feedback and comments about how to update the DCEC website and make diversity more visible on College of Education website.
  • Jennifer presented the Sharing Circle/ Story Circle proposal (create a space for people to share and to be heard). She’s thinking about doing this both for students and faculty members. Seria suggested that this event might be paired up with the School Narrative event. Jennifer would talk to Wideline to talk about further options. Counselor Ed students might be participating in facilitating the discussion.
  • SeriaShia Chatters presenting the website “Teaching Tolerance” (engaging students in social justice through curriculum). Bring people from Teaching Tolerance to provide a 6 hours workshop “Social Justice Teaching 101” for both faculty members and K-12 teachers. The date is at 4/22 and we don’t know about the cost yet. Will update the group about the cost and potential sponsorship from DCEC. Another potential event is a webinar that teaches teacher from K-5th grade using children literature.
  • Efrain discussed attendance of the Equity Minded Institute by a group of faculty tasked with finding new ways to integrate the tenet of equity, diversity, and inclusion into courses in the CoE. Seria suggested building a subcommittee tasked with using what was learned at the institute to work toward developing opportuntities to help faculty across the college integrate the tenets of equity into their curriculum. The committee voted and agreed. Seria mentioned that this committee will be on the first thing in October meeting agenda.

2) Staff Subcommittee

3) Undergraduate subcommittee

4) Faculty and GA subcommittee

The Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.