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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) October 2018 Meeting Minutes

Ocober 13, 2018
Chair: SeriaShia Chatters
2:00 – 3:30pm

Attendees: Seria Chatters, Pei-Hsuan (Patty) Liu, Ana Diaz, Samantha Walker, Efrain Marimón, Carlos Zalaquett, Nia Baldwin, Jessica Buterbaugh, Peter Piazza, Yaming Fang, Terry Cummins, ChanMin Kim, Elizabeth Smolcic, Maria Vetter, Dwayne Cormier, John Holst, Linda Oishi (through ZOOM), Betsy Campbell (through ZOOM), JT Taylor (through ZOOM).

Old Business

  1. Attendees introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting
  2. Reviewed and approved the minutes from September 2018
  3. Each subcommittee gave a brief introduction of what the subcommittee does to the new attendees.4
  4. Patty and Samantha updated on the DCEC website maintenance progress. Patty proposed that DCEC website kept the description and pictures of the events in past two years and only kept the title of the events more than two years ago. The committee agreed with this and did not have objection. Patty also introduced about the DCEC PSU BOX so that each subcommittee can start uploading materials into the BOX. The committee agreed that chair and subcommittee chairs would have editing access on the BOX and other DCEC members would have access as viewer. Patty also inquired about the permission of taking pictures during the meeting. Jessica reported that we don’t need consent form if those pictures are not used for advertisement. Members in this meeting agreed picture taking during the meeting.


New Business

1) General

  1. Seria invited attendees to join different subcommittees by putting their interests in joining which subcommittee on the signup sheet.
  2. Ana reported the progress of the film and mentioned that the film is now around 20 minutes. Ana reported they are almost done with the website (including the podcast that students share their experiences) and the website will be up next week. Seria suggested putting the website link on DCEC website to highlight it. Ana also reported that people in the film are willing to have a panel to facilitate conversation with the audience during the screening. Ana talked about wanting to do the screening at a place that is accessible to people. Jessica suggested places such as Schlow library or Penn Staters, Patty will look for pricing for different venues. Seria brought up the motion to support this event and the committee approved.
  3. Seria talked about potential date (10/31 or 11/6) and time (morning from 8:30 to 10:15 am to get coffee, donut, or bagel) for DCEC meet and greet. Elizabeth brought up the idea of holding it in the hallway outside CEADR 125. Samantha mentioned needing to make sure there are no classes in the computer classroom and CEDAR 124. Linda also talked about holding it at Rackley and will need to check the availability on Halloween.
  4. Seria updated that the date for Teaching Tolerance will be on 4/22/2019 and the group will provide a six hours workshop on Social Justice Teaching 101. 


2) Staff Subcommittee

  1. Samantha reported that the staff subcommittee does not have a chair now. There are currently no activities going on but they will start to meet regularly.


3) Undergraduate subcommittee

  1. Elizabeth and Efrain updated the progress in undergraduate subcommittee. Two courses have been approved and are currently under review by the university.


4) Faculty and GA subcommittee

  1. Seria brought up the 2019 Diversity in Education Conference proposal and discussed with the committee about option A and options B on the proposal ( Jessica reported that many students attended the conference last years and people were standing lack of space so maybe providing a whole day conference with repetitive sessions so that people do not have to stand. Seria talked about it might be hard for undergraduate students to attend a whole day event. Elizabeth and Carlos proposed just proving the conference in the morning, and have a keynote speaker, and it will be up to students to decide the topics. The committee voted on whole-day or half-day workshop and half-day workshop carried the votes. Elizabeth talked about the keynote speaker from the workshop in California and that will be a good candidate for the keynote speaker for the conference. Jessica mentioned that she will contact JT and Rachel to spread the google form to students to vote on the topics they are interested in.
  2. Carlos mentioned about the empowerment group African American and Latino males and he will be sending out the information.  
  3. Seria updated that there will only be one bullying workshop this academic year and the date will be March 15th.
  4. Seria talked about the possibility of holding a 2-3 hours workshop to train faculty members and graduate assistants of how to facilitate difficult conversations in class. We can find potential instructor from Schreyer. Ana mentioned faculty member Sarah Shear and Mark Kissling from Curriculum and Instruction program, as well as people from Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence.


5) Equity in Curriculum subcommittee

  1. Seria brought up the discussion of the new equity in curriculum subcommittee. Elizabeth introduced the equity in curriculum subcommittee and mentioned that this team has started meeting to talk about strategies to promote equity in curriculum for the entire college. Elizabeth reported that they are at the beginning of the process this semester. Seria talked about how DCEC can engage with this subcommittee such as organizing an event for faculty members and graduate students to talk about what they are doing so that we can bring people together. Efrain talked about DCEC can serve as an external board to give advice to the equity team.

The Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm.