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Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

March 14th, 2019

Chamber 201 (Learn Lab)

Chair: SeriaShia Chatters

2:00 – 3:30pm

Attendees: Patty Pei-Hsuan Liu, Kate Woodman, John Holst, Maria Vetter, Carlos Zalaquett, Brenda Martinez, Betsy Campbell (zoom), Bonnie Richardson, Ashley Patterson, Elizabeth Smolcic, Holly Klock, Kristen Nadermann

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Old Business:

  1. Welcome to new (and continuing) members.
  2. Reviewed and approved the of minutes from 2019 February meeting
  3. Subcommittee update

        (1) Staff committee has set up a date for the staff retreat


New Business:

1)     General:

1. Follow-up on the 2/22/19“Hot Topic” panel event
Patty reported that we had around 40 people came to the panel event on 2/22. The committee members who attended the panel event provided feedback about how we can improve the event next time.

(a) Location: Several committee members mentioned that the room is problematic since the panelists were being blocked by the podium. Will need microphone next time just in case the panelists have soft voice.

(b) Opening: Maybe have shorter opening for each panelist and make sure the panelists can tie their experiences with the purpose of the event. Some audients felt like some of the opening remarks were not related to the panel topic.

(c) Resources: people asked questions about where we can find resources. Maybe we can send people a follow-up message with the resources and notes (maybe have someone taking notes during the event). Carlos mentioned that we had the BOX but the panelists did not upload resources. Will make sure we have the resources for people next time. Carlos also mentioned that next time we can record each panelist’s opening remarks.

(d) Ask Questions: Make sure we provide a safe venue for people to ask questions such as using online questions or give people cards to write down questions.

(e) Number of panelists: May need to consider the number of panelists since too many panelists limit the time for asking questions. Three panelists seem to work well. Or the facilitator can express that panelist doesn’t need to answer every question.

(f) Purpose of the event: Make sure that next time all the panelists have a clear understanding of the purpose of the event (need to have clear conversation with the panelists before the event) so that the messages that panelists bring can be related to the topics.

2. Follow-up on the 2/22/19 Music event
Carlos reported that there were total 84 people attended the music event. The songs were great, and the introduction of the songs and lyrics to help people understand the context was also great. Elizabeth suggested that maybe next time we can invite people who have personal experiences about these issues to come and to share at the music event. Committee members also shared feedback about how we can improve the event next time.

(a) Maybe we don’t need to combine events since it’s a lot of time commitment.

(b) May need to think about whether to provide food next time (will need to look at budget for food earlier next time).

(c) Funding: John reported that initially when he looked out for funding, he called it “performance,” and then all the money can only be used for performance. Need to figure out a way to work around funding next time.

(d) Location: Some people commented that the stage is too dark (especially with the PowerPoint behind). Maybe consider using the auditorium in the library next time.

3. Update on Bullying workshop
Patty updated that we have 58 people registered for the bullying workshop. Maria and Bonnie will be the panelists at the panel event from 1-2 pm at the workshop. In the workshop panel event, Bonnie and Maria will talk their interests in diversity and their journey in learning privilege and diversity. They will have 10 minutes opening remarks to talk about their journey and then let the audients ask questions for the rest of the time. Maria also mentioned that it will be nice to have students on the panel to share their personal experiences next time too.   

4. Progress report: raising readers program (Bonnie)
Bonnie reported that she would put brightly colored drop-off boxes in Keller, Rackley, Cedar, and Chambers building next week. The drive runs from March 25th – April 5th. Bonnie will send out the message on the listserv again. All books are welcome and we encourage multicultural books with different languages (it doesn’t have to be books on the list). All the books will go to the United Way and they will distribute to families with children under 5 years old that need books.

5. Progress report: DCEC scholarship
Brenda reported that she has set aside the $500 budget for DCEC scholarship. Patty will work on revising the DCEC scholarship application form.

The Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Next meeting: 4/4/2019, 2:00-3:30 pm, Chamber 201 (Learn Lab)