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    Diversity & Community Enhancement Committee (DCEC) Meeting Minutes

    April 22, 2015

    Chambers 221

    Chair: Kimberly Powell

    12:00 – 1:30

    Attendees Present: Ana Diaz, Donna-Marie Cole-Malott, Elizabeth Smolcic,  Isaac Bretz, Jeanine Stapes, Laura Hennessey, Mark Threeton, and Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart


    • Kim announced that she will be taking on an administrative position at Penn State, and therefore will need to step down as chair of DCEC
      • Kim said that she can continue as co-chair, but a new chair must be elected
      • Kim made an open call for nominations
    • Mark announced that he would be stepping off DCEC effective fall 2015.

    Old Business

    • Approval of March minutes
      • Elizabeth moved to approve minutes
      • Kim seconded the approval and the minutes were approved
    • Chair Updates
      • Kim asked for suggestions as to a theme for next year’s DCEC work.
        • An online discussion forum was suggested for this purpose
          • Questions were raised as to the effectiveness of social media in eliciting themes

    New Business

    • Outreach Subcommittee Report
      • No report
    • Staff Subcommittee Report
      • Laura said that plans for the staff retreat had not progressed since the last meeting.
        • Laura suggested that the retreat needs a theme
          • Voicing concerns, structure of productivity
      • Sylvia said that she had experience with leading staff workshops
      • Kim said that getting staff more involved in the Staff Subcommittee might be an issue of finding actionable issues- realistic and obtainable
        • Laura said that the staff feels like they cannot leave their desks to attend meetings.
        • Elizabeth suggested that another reason is high turnover
        • Laura suggested a survey of interests
      • Isaac suggested that the DCEC sponsor a staff lunch
        • Laura said that summer might be a good time, maybe June
          • Laura said that she would meet with Charlene and ask her to act as facilitator
        • The HUB and Nittany Lion Inn were suggested as sites
        • Kim said that she would look at the budget
    • Social Media and Communications
      • Ana expressed concerns about accountability, people signing up for the committee and then not showing up again
        • Kim said she was ambivalent about implementing a policy on responsibility - three strikes and you are out.
          • Kim said she will submit a list of people who have been active on committees
            • Purpose to establish difference between formal and volunteer
            • Also need a list of people on each committee
    • Kim suggested that the committee develop a flyer of what the DCEC has done – agenda items
    • Kim also suggested that the committee create a white paper – one or two page summary published on a semi-regular basis
      • Kim said that the next step would be developing a pullout strategic plan- cut and paste first paragraph
      • Ana suggested that the certificate program might become a funded grad student assistantship
      • Isaac suggested that a post-doc position might be created
      • Elizabeth suggested a working group consisting of staff, faculty, and grad students who would advise a permanent structure
      • Sylvia raised the concern that a lot is still unknown about who and what is needed to successfully kick off the program
        • Kim said that a clear budget proposal is required
        • Kim asked for another subcommittee meeting before the end of the school year
        • Kim suggested in-house workshops, host panels – including student panels
        • Kim suggested that reflective session should be separate from presentation session
          • Kim posited that that members should be prepared ahead of time
      • A suggestion was made to bring Robin DiAngelo to speak about the notion of white fragility, a repertoire of skills for dealing with stress
      • Jeanine suggested a focus on racial and gender literacy
        • Mediated with end goals, clear outcomes
        • Repository of classroom scenarios, a searchable archive
          • The identity of the instructor makes a difference in strategies
          • The repository should be searchable by themes
        • Shore up the intellectual and social capital, leverage expertise of faculty and graduate students
          • Twice a semester meetings
        • Kim suggested a resource library, perhaps called Vision 2020
          • Jeanine gave some elements that might be appropriate
            • Interactive and dynamic
            • Steeped in real life
            • Not exhaustive
            • Not formulaic
          • Kim added that it should be goal driven without being closed
            • Also that it might allow for emerging technology
          • Kim said that she would talk to the library about what they think and how they might contribute
    • Undergraduate Subcommittee Report
      • Elizabeth offered to be the lead faculty member on the diversity certificate committee
        • Kim said that she met with Dean Monk and shared a draft of the certificate program
          • Questions were raised about funding and distribution of tasks
            • Kim said that these issues were likely in Maria’s domain
            • Kim said that she did not anticipate any problems
        • Fall 2015 was decided too soon for starting the program
          • Elizabeth suggested a Spring 2016 rollout
          • Laura suggested recruiting in Fall 2015
      • Kim asked for a wrap-up and where the DCEC wants to go from here.
        • Reflection on workshops
          • Elizabeth said attendance was good, diverse, but it is a core group that is really active and committed.
            • Some people are not very active
            • There needs to be a way for different levels of commitment and participation
          • Kim said that there were a lot of people from counseling who attended, also the advisor office, not just faculty
            • Suggests a possible need for advising and counseling, not just teaching
          • Sophia suggested a monthly workshop where teachers can exchange ideas about strategies for addressing issues of diversity in the classroom
          • Sophia suggested that DCEC look into counseling, especially financial and scholarship counseling, for international students


    Meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM