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Dr. Amy Crosson

Dr. Amy Crosson
Phone: (814) 865-3351
Office Address:
259 Chambers
University Park, PA 16802
Campus: University Park


Assistant Professor


Curriculum and Instruction


Curriculum and Instruction: English Language Arts Education
English as a Second Language

Other Penn State Affiliations

Center for Educational Disparities Research


Amy Crosson holds an Ed.D. in language and literacy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education where her dissertation was funded by an Adolescent Literacy Fellowship from the National Academy Education.  Crosson’s research focuses on classroom-based interventions to support the academic language development of elementary and middle school students in urban schools, with special attention to academic vocabulary, discussion quality, and argument writing.  In particular, she focuses on the language and literacy development of English Language Learners. Crosson is currently studying how students’ source language resources can be leveraged to promote academic language and literacy in English.


Areas of Expertise

Age Levels

Early Childhood

Curriculum Areas

Language, Culture, and Society Ed
Language/Literacy Ed

Education Levels

Middle School/Junior High
Secondary/High School

Education Types

Bicultural/Multicultural Ed
Bilingual Ed
Immigrant Ed
Urban Ed

Individual Difference

Human Development
Learning Processes


Education Access
Equity and Diversity
Instructional Methods and Design
Learning Assessment
Learning Sciences
Learning Standards

Methodological Research

Multiple Methods
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research


  • PI. Returning to Our Roots: Development of a Morphology Intervention to Bolster Academic Vocabulary Knowledge for Adolescent English Learners. Co-PI: Margaret McKeown. Institute for Education Sciences Goal Two Award.
  • PI. For Argument’s Sake: Applying Questioning the Author Techniques to Support Comprehension and Composition of Written Arguments. Co-PIs: Margaret McKeown, Lindsay Clare Matsumura, and Richard Correnti. Institute for Education Sciences Goal Two Award.
  • PI. Contributions of Lexical Morphology to English Learners’ Academic Vocabulary Learning. Learning Research and Development Center, University of Pittsburgh. Spencer Foundation Small Grant.
  • Co-PI. Investigating Adolescent English Learners’ Interactions with Academic Language. Learning Research and Development Center. PI: Margaret McKeown. Learning Research and Development Center Internal Grant.
  • PI. Pinpointing the challenging aspects of academic language. National Academy of Education Predoctoral Adolescent Literacy Fellowship.