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Minimum Specifications

Minimum Specifications for Required Device

While the most updated devices are highly encouraged, below are the minimum specifications:

Your device must

  • be one other than your cell phone
  • have access to the Internet and Internet tools
  • possess word processing software
  • possess presentation software
  • possess the capability to record and edit video, photos, and audio
  • be able to access collaborative tools (ex. Box or Google Docs)
  • have Antivirus and back-up software

Students in the Special Education program (SPLED) program are required to have an Apple device (MacBook or iPad).

Note: Students who already have a notebook computer or tablet device meeting or exceeding these specifications do not need to obtain additional items to meet the requirement. Students who can upgrade an existing notebook computer or tablet device to meet or exceed these specifications may do so to meet the requirement. Other students must obtain a notebook computer or tablet device meeting these specifications to fulfill the requirement.