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PAFEA State Conference Competitions

PAFEA State Conference Competitions

Each year, during the Pennsylvania Future Educators Association State Conference chapters and students will have the option to participate in a variety of competitions.  Competitions are explained below with registration forms if your chapter is interested in competing. 

If you are competing in one or more of the compeitions below, please remember to submit THIS COVER SHEET along with the entry forms.

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To provide an opportunity for FEA chapter members to document their general business practices and accomplishments, while creating a community among chapter members and other chapters. The presentation of the blog should provide a brief overview of how the blog was used and feature one blog posting as an example of the creativity used in developing, sustaining, and using the blog.

BlogGuidelines and Registration Form


The purpose of the essay contest is to provide students with an opportunity to express their views on current topic in education. The topic for the 2009 essay contest is as follows:

"How do we, as future educators, energize the future, and why is this important?"

Essay Writing Guidelines and Registration Form

F.E.A. Moment

The purpose of the F.E.A. moment is to showcase two students at the F.E.A. State Conference who have had a special moment that convinced you that being an educator is the only choice for you.

F.E.A. Moment Guidelines and Registration Form




F.E.A. Multimedia Moment

The purpose of the FEA moment is to showcase students’ DVD story at the FEA State Conference who have had a special moment that influenced them to become a teacher. This will be presented in DVD format (length of speech should be approximately 2-3 minutes long) at the FEA State Conference.

F.E.A. Multimedia Moment Guidelines and Regisrtation Form

Impromptu Speaking

Poise, self-confidence, and the ability to organize facts are valuable parts of a person’s education. This event is designed to recognize FEA students who develop qualities of leadership by combining clear thinking and conversational speaking into an interesting presentation.

Impromptu Speaking Guidelines and Registration Form


This contest is designed to encourage all FEA Chapters to plan yearly activities in keeping with the goals and objectives of FEA. Activities should benefit the FEA members, the schools, the FEA organization, and the community. The Scrapbook purpose is to document and showcase the chapter’s activities for the year and serve as recruiting tool.

Scrapbook Guidelines and Registration Form

Multimedia Scrapbook

As we engage in more media rich forms of documenting and recording events, students and chapters also have the opportunity to prepare their chapter scrapbooks in a digital format. The multimedia scrapbook is the next generation of F.E.A. scrapbooks.

F.E.A. Multimedia Scrapbook