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SCOPE Counseling and Life Skills

Life Skills and Counseling component of SCOPE program

 Dear SCOPErs,


I’m sure, by now, it seems like it was years ago that you applied to the SCOPE program, and now the starting date is racing towards us!  Pretty soon you will be here for the start of the program!  I hope you are as excited about the program as we are excited to have you joining us.  This summer promises to be full of challenges and growth, and at the same time offers opportunities to learn, grow and enjoy all that Penn State has to offer.  You will meet amazing new people while on campus.  Each of the students chosen to participate in this summer’s program have so much to offer, and during our time together we will work to capitalize on your strengths.

One of the components of SCOPE is to help students examine from all aspects of their lives, their strengths and abilities as a future college students and educator.  We recognize that students are more than just information receivers, but each of you is an individual with your own potential, dreams and experiences.  As the counseling coordinator, I will work together with you, collectively and individually to explore your experiences, strengths and abilities and how to draw from all of those to build towards your dreams.

                Navigating the college experience is largely impacted by your choices.  Deciding to apply and come to the SCOPE program is the first step in making great choices!  We will spend time exploring what choices you may be confronted with while in college: choice of college, major, courses, activities, roommates, relationships, health and personal safety.  I would like for your parents or guardians to be aware that some of these topics may be sensitive in nature, and at the same time you will have the choice to participate or excuse yourself.  Together, with your families, we can determine which options are best suited for you and this year’s SCOPE co-hort.  I have included an informed consent in which you can select which workshops would be of the most interest in you, along with the opportunity for your parent or guardian to provide their informed consent.

In addition, part of our time together will be spent preparing for the SAT. While some may be familiar with the test, I am also aware that many are not. I have included an SAT practice or diagnostic test. Please take the time to not only complete the test, but complete it according to the guidelines provided on the test. Follow the time restrictions, and do not use a dictionary or other tool to aide you. Your performance on this diagnostic tool will enable me to prepare sessions that are relevant for you.  Please follow the directions as they are printed on the exam.

As you can see, we have a lot in front of us, but I am sure each of you are up to the task!  I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to get to know more about you!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  See you soon!

Charleon A. Jeffries


SAT Diagnostic Test - Due June 24, 2011

SAT Answer Sheet - Due June 24, 2011

Informed Consent - Due June 17, 2011