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SCOPE Language and Literacy Course: Writing and Composition

Welcome to LL ED 297A - Language and Composition


Dear S.C.O.P.E students,
I welcome you on behalf of the Pennsylvania State University, the College of Education, and the Office of Multicultural Programs, to this summer’s SCOPE opportunity. My name is Roi Kawai, and I am your instructor for LLED 297A, a course about language, literacy, and technology in educational research. I am confident our time together will be of great mutual benefit, bringing us closer towards reaching academic and personal goals.

Our class is designed to further our skills as writers, thinkers, and speakers. We will work tirelessly toward the final goal of presenting a research project based on our individual interests. We will engage in discussions and activities to stimulate our understanding of educational problems, challenges, and solutions. We will articulate our positions on educational issues ranging from the effects of popular cultural media representations on learning to what it means to be a learner and
educator, all while investigating topics of personal interest. I hope we create an environment in which all feel welcomed and valued and all voices can be heard and contribute to discussions.

In preparation for our course, please research and brainstorm educational topics you would like to investigate during our time together. I feel that it is imperative that you know about current issues and topics in education. Therefore, I encourage you to follow the news, access online resources, and tap into social networks for one week before you arrive and keep a journal called “Topics in Education.” This is your first assignment for the class, and I expect its completion before you arrive the first day. Details about the assignment are included in a link at the bottom of this page.

You have been chosen to attend SCOPE because you exhibit the qualities of an exceptional college student. Our experiences together will provide space for us to grow as individuals and will also impact the way you view yourself as a member of a multicultural community here at Penn State.

\I look forward to meeting you, and welcome to the Penn State community.

Roi Kawai
Pennsylvania State University
Instructor, LLED 297A


Assignment 1 - Topics in Education Journal