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SCOPE Prep Course

SCOPE prep course

SCOPE Prep Course: D.O.U.G.I.E.: Doing Our UnderGraduate In Education

Hello all!

I truly consider it an honor to once again have the opportunity to work with the SCOPE students. The time that we spend together in the preparatory course: D.O.U.G.I.E.: Doing Our UnderGraduate in Education! It will be uniquely rewarding. I will be looking to you to bring your individual personalities, experiences, ideologies, and passions to the course. Each of the students chosen to participate in this summer’s program have so much to offer, and during our sessions together we will work to capitalize on your strengths.

Part of our time together will be spent preparing for the SAT. While some may be familiar with the test, I am also aware that many are not. I have included an SAT practice or diagnostic test. Please take the time to not only complete the test, but complete it according to the guidelines provided on the test. Follow the time restrictions, and do not use a dictionary or other tool to aide you. Your performance on this diagnostic tool will enable me to prepare sessions that are relevant for you.  Please follow the directions as they are printed on the exam.

I am also asking that you start a journal. You will come in contact with a lot of new ideas while you are here for the summer, and in order to incorporate it all into the purpose of the program, you will need to keep track of the things you experience. I have enclosed a copy of the first journal assignment. What you write will be your own personal expository, and you will not have to share it with the other participants unless you would like to.  Finally, I would also like you to find a current article (newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.) on a topic in education.  We will review and discuss these articles during our time together.

As you can see, we have a lot in front of us, but I am sure each of you are up to the task!  I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to get to know more about you!


See you in June!

Charleon A. Jeffries



SAT Diagnostic Test - Due June 21, 2013

SAT Diagnostic Test Answer Sheet (only the answer sheet needs to be returned; you may retain the copy of the exam)

Journal Assignments - Due July 1, 2013