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Curriculum Guide and Course Schedule

Curriculum guide and course schedule of the school counseling emphasis.

School Counseling

Outline for the emphasis (M.Ed. plus Pennsylvania Certification)

Completion of the 61-credit emphasis meets the academic requirements for the Master of Education degree as well as certification Pre-K-12 Professional School Counseling in Pennsylvania.

To become certified by the state of Pennsylvania, students must also pass the Professional School Counselor test (5421, PRAXIS-II). Students seeking to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Pennsylvania and/or a National Certified Counselor (NCC) need to accumulate 61 credit hours and pass the appropriate licensed and/or certification test. Meeting these additional professional requirements is strongly encouraged in order to maximize the professional opportunities available to graduates.

Fall Semester (15 credits)
CN ED 404 (3) Group Procedures in Guidance & Counseling
CN ED 500 (3) Introduction to Counseling & Development
CN ED 501 (3) Counseling: Theory & Method
CN ED 504 (3) Foundations & Practices of School Counseling
CN ED 506 (3) Individual Counseling Procedures

Spring Semester (12-15 credits)

CN ED 505 (3) Foundations of Career Development & Counseling Information
CN ED 530 (3) Family Counseling: Theory & Practice
CN ED 595A (3) Counseling Practicum
SPLED 400 (4) Inclusive Special Education Foundations

Summer Semester (6-9 credits)

CN ED 508 (3) Organization & Administration of Guidance Programs
CN ED 523 or 524 (3) Counseling Children or Counseling Adolescents

Fall Semester (12-15 credits)
CN ED 507 (3) Multicultural Issues in Counseling
CN ED 526 (3) Counseling Research
CN ED 595E (3) School Counseling Internship & Seminar 

Spring Semester (12-15 credits)
CN ED 525 (3) Use of Tests in Counseling (Assessment)
CN ED 595E (3) School Counseling Internship & Seminar
CN ED 596 (3-6) Individual Studies (Master’s Paper/Project)
EDPSY 408 (3) Working with English Language Learners
ELECTIVE (3) (if needed)

Requirements for Pennsylvania Certification when master's degree has been previously obtained

Applicants who have a master's degree and are seeking Pennsylvania certification as a school counselor will have to demonstrate that they have met the certification requirements listed above either previously or after having been accepted as a Certification student in Counselor Education. To become certified by the state of Pennsylvania, students must pass three basic skills tests (PPST) and the school guidance counselor test.

The expectations stated under the M.Ed. Admission Requirements apply to both certification-seeking and degree-seeking applicants.